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Net Zero: Just Patching Over Emissions or Path for Saving Planet?

More than 190 countries committed in 2015 to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels in an effort to stave off the worst effects of climate change such as drought, flooding and loss of species. Scientists say bringing global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to 'ne

Why Are the EU and UK Arguing over Northern Ireland?

British Brexit minister David Frost called in a speech in Lisbon on Tuesday for the European Union to allow "significant change" to post-Brexit rules governing trade with Northern Ireland. He was speaking a day before the EU presents its proposals to solve a standoff over part of the Brexit divorce

Exclusive-Cash airlifts planned to bypass Taliban and help Afghans -sources

By Robin Emmott, John O'Donnell and Jonathan Landay BRUSSELS/FRANKFURT/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As desperate Afghans resort to selling their belongings to buy food, international officials are preparing to fly in cash for the needy while avoiding financing the Taliban

Exclusive-Afghan central bank drained dollar stockpile before Kabul fell – document

By John O'Donnell and Rupam Jain FRANKFURT/MUMBAI (Reuters) - The Afghan central bank ran down most of its U.S. dollar cash reserves in the weeks before the Taliban took control of the country, according to an assessment prepared for Afghanistan's international dono

Killing of Top Rohingya Leader Underscores Violence in Bangladesh Camps

For years, Rohingya leader Mohib Ullah, one of the most prominent advocates for the persecuted Muslim minority from Myanmar, predicted he would be killed by the hardliners who regularly sent him death threats. "If I die, I’m fine. I will give my life," he told Reuters in 2019 in his office in a

Japan’s ‘Shadow Shogun’ Abe Assured Clout Over Next PM Fumio Kishida

Japan's former premier Shinzo Abe wasn't running in this week's ruling party poll to pick the country's next leader but the victory of his one-time foreign minister, Fumio Kishida, means Abe and his conservative base are the winners, their policy clout assured. Abe's muscular defence policies and

New Drives to Counter China Come With a Major Risk: Throwing Fuel on The Indo-Pacific Arms Race

An accelerating arms race in the Indo-Pacific is all but guaranteed now that China finds itself a target of new security arrangements — AUKUS and the Quad — aimed at containing its power and influence. This has the makings of a new great game in the region in which rival powers are no longer in

French break-up a blow to Biden’s China-focused alliance rebuilding

By Humeyra Pamuk and David Brunnstrom WASHINGTON (Reuters) -European capitals celebrated a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken in June, as President Joe Biden's top diplomat cracked jokes in French in Paris, posed for selfies with French youth and spoke at le

A Reluctant Feminist: Germany’s Merkel Still Inspires Many Women

BERLIN/COLOGNE, Germany (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become a feminist icon after 16 years in power even though the world's most powerful woman has only belatedly accepted that label as she prepares to step down, and conceded that gender equality is still a long way off. "She i

Joe Biden – President Who Pulled Punches When it Mattered

Hours after the last U.S. troops and diplomats were out of Afghanistan, President Joe Biden said in an address at the White House that Washington will continue to support the Afghans left behind and would defend their basic rights, especially those of women and girls. "I've been clear that human rig

Unleashing Reforms, Xi Returns to China’s Socialist Roots

BEIJING (Reuters) -When Xi Jinping took command of the Communist Party in late 2012 and proclaimed "only socialism can save China", it was largely ignored as the perfunctory mention of an antiquated slogan - not to be taken literally in a modern-day, market-powered economy. But sweeping new polic

The West Owes Qatar a Favour Over Afghanistan

DUBAI (Reuters) - Since the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the world's top diplomats have been beating a path to Qatar, long the gateway to the Taliban and now the essential go-between as the West tries to deal with the new Kabul government. This is no accident. Analysts describe Qatar's emerg