• 16 June, 2024
Foreign Affairs, Geopolitics & National Security


To be the most credible Indian publication on Geopolitics and National Security.


  • To partner with the finest minds across the world and bring to our esteemed readers the views and analysis of the most respected and credible experts.
  • To be neutral in our analysis and views, always.
  • To provide a global platform to budding analysts and experts, so that new experts find a voice.
  • To democratise discussions on Geopolitics and National Security. Chanakya Forum believes that these subjects, long the bastion of a select few, should be accessible to everyone.

About Chanakya Forum

Chanakya Forum is a global magazine on Geopolitics and National Security founded by Major Gaurav Arya (Retd), who is also its Editor in Chief.

Chanakya Forum is global in its outlook, but its soul is quintessentially Indian. We seek to analyze not just how the world looks at India, but also how India looks at the world; the relationships between nations and the undercurrents and tensions that often mar those relationships. We also try to constantly analyse and re-analyse the famous dictum that between nations, there are no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests.

We seek to use social media to proliferate knowledge to the proverbial last man in the line and believe that for change to happen, knowledge must be democratised. For far too long, knowledge has been guarded by a few for the benefit of a fewer, still. That must change.

Chanakya Forum will generate synergy by partnering with global think tanks and publications who are renowned for their credibility, analysis and exceptional intellectual rigour.

We at Chanakya Forum will ensure that our readers remain our center of gravity and our authors, our guiding light.