• 11 July, 2024
Foreign Affairs, Geopolitics & National Security

Major Gaurav Arya (Retd)


Most big companies start from a garage. At least that’s what the owners of those companies would have us believe. I cannot say the same for two reasons. Chanakya Forum is still in its infancy and I don’t have a garage.

Today, as I take over as Editor-in-Chief of Chanakya Forum, I would like to thank the Chanakya Forum team, every member exceptionally diligent and capable. I would like to thank our readers who have been extremely supportive. Without you there is no Chanakya Forum and no journey to talk about.

We are a small team with a big dream. A few months ago, it was almost unimaginable but here we are, fighting the good fight and bringing Foreign Affairs, Geopolitics and National Security to the common Indian. We must be that rare publication which has no journalist writing articles for it. All our articles are written by subject matter experts, individuals with tremendous public credibility and decades of relevant experience. Diplomats, Generals, Academicians, Analysts and PhD scholars from India, Israel, USA and UK have honoured us by writing for our magazine. And you, dear reader, have honoured us by reading and quoting those articles.

Today is also the day when we officially start our relationship with ANI News, South Asia’s Leading News Agency. We are sanguine that this relationship will take us from strength to strength. Suddenly, as if by magic, a sea of possibilities has opened up. It promises to be an interesting tomorrow.

We hope to launch our Hindi section soon. One day, you will read Chanakya Forum in Bangla, Malayalam, Tamil and Marathi. Who knows what the future holds? As I said, we are a small team with a big dream. My friend Manoj Muntashir once wrote these lines which have always been a beacon of hope in my darkest days.

जूते फटे पहनकर आकाश पर चढ़े थे
सपने हमारे हर दम औक़ात से बड़े थे

At Chanakya Forum, our dreams are beyond our wildest dreams. There, I have said it.

I thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey and pray that this journey is a long and fruitful one. Maybe one day I will be able to talk about my nonexistent garage.


Major Gaurav Arya (Retd)


Chanakya Forum