• 30 September, 2023
Geopolitics & National Security


India’s Ballistic Missile Interceptors!

India’s Nuclear Policy of ‘No First Use’ behoves that the Nation is prepared to absorb a first strike and still retain capabilities for similar retaliation. Retaining such ‘second-strike’ capability will…

By Brig Arvind Dhananjayan (Retd)

‘AKASH’- Boosting India’s Ground-Based Interception

The protection of India’s sovereign borders is the paramount responsibility of the Indian Armed Forces. In doing so, the country must be prepared to thwart an incoming adversary threat from…

By Brig Arvind Dhananjayan (Retd)

ASAT Systems: Space Weaponization – A Boon Or Bane?

Unavoidably, advanced weaponry tested by dominant space powers raises hackles and concerns over ‘excessive militarisation’ and escalation of the global ‘Arms Race’. Expectedly, the world raised eyebrows when, on 11…

By Brig Arvind Dhananjayan (Retd)

Israel completes flight test of Arrow weapons system

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's defence ministry said on Tuesday it had completed a planned flight test of the Arrow weapons system, and would release further test details throughout the day.…

India Needs to Deploy its Ballistic Missile Defence System

The commencement of the induction of S 400 Missile system by the Indian Air Force has once again brought into public consciousness the issue of Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD). S…

By Col Deepak Kumar

Hypersonic Weapons: New ‘Sprint Kings’ In Strategic Weapons Race

Image Source: Raytheon Technologies It was reported on 16/17 October in several periodicals/dailies that China had tested a Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) in August this year (this was promptly refuted…

By Brig Arvind Dhananjayan (Retd)