• 26 November, 2022
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Geo Politics

Eurasia Flare Up – Russian Distraction Or a Lurking World War ?

History has taught us that the nation which cannot manage its resources is bound to fail. The number of countries which are presently at logger heads with each other across…

By Levina

Nancy Pelosi: Helen of Troy or Angel of Peace?

Many years hence, someone will look at a Nancy Pelosi sculpture in a museum and burst into poetry, like Christopher Marlowe did, “Was this the face that launched a thousand…

By TP Sreenivasan

Changing Contours of Germany-China Relations

There is much attention currently focused on Germany's changing policy towards Russia. This includes the energy-security matrix. A review of the German defence policy is also underway. While these are…

By Gurjit Singh

Is Pakistan Getting Ready for Israel?

A week ago, a Pakistani- American delegation visited Israel, business was not the objective, but interfaith harmony. Since last few years Pakistan and Israel have been trying to thaw their…

By Levina

The Quad Summit: Achievements and Pitfalls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Tokyo at the invitation of the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to participate in the second in-person Quad (Australia, India, Japan, USA) Summit on 24th…

By Ashok Sajjanhar

Ukraine: The March of Folly Continues

Let us start by briefly narrating one or two major developments since my last column “Ukraine: When Will the Madness End?” dated 3rd April 2022-https://chanakyaforum.com/ukraine-when-will-the-madness-end/ The War Crimes Charge Against…

By K P Fabian

Hobbled by Economy, Erdogan Heads to Saudi to Mend Ties

By Tuvan Gumrukcu and Jonathan Spicer ANKARA (Reuters) - Three and a half years after accusing Saudi Arabia's leadership of murder and running a sham trial over the killing of…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum

India-US 2+2 Meeting : Maturing of an “Indispensable Partnership’’

The fourth 2+2 Meeting between the Foreign and Defence Ministers of India and the US took place in Washington DC on 11th April, 2022. The launch of the dialogue in…

By Ashok Sajjanhar

US-India 2+2 – Navigating Bumps Along the Road

US-India ties have progressed at a rapid pace in the past few years, mostly due to rising defense trade and increasing geopolitical convergences. But with deepening ties also come rising…

By Kriti Upadhyaya

Putin Faces “More NATO” in the Arctic After Ukraine Invasion

The sound of gunfire echoed around the Norwegian fjords as a row of Swedish and Finnish soldiers, positioned prone behind banks of snow, trained rifles and missile launchers on nearby…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum

Peace Talks on Ukraine: Russia’s Red Lines Unchanged

Russia and Ukraine are talking about a peace deal while their soldiers kill each other, but there has been no breakthrough and they remain far apart on the question of…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum

Can Russia’s Putin be Prosecuted for War Crimes in Ukraine?

By Jacqueline Thomsen and Mike Scarcella (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden has publicly called Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal, but legal experts said a prosecution of Putin…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum