• 24 September, 2022
Foreign Affairs. Geopolitics. National Security.


Firing Off the Dead Queen’s Shoulder

Barely forty-eight hours after becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after a very long campaign in which she reached the goal from a position well behind in the race,…

By G S Iyer

SCO Manifests Indian Strategic Autonomy

Indian participation at the 22nd Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization drew attention. It was a clear manifestation of India’s strategic autonomy as the SCO is widely regarded as a…

By Gurjit Singh

Nancy Peloci’s Avoidable Visit to Taiwan: Fall Out

The controversial visit to Taiwan (2nd August 2022) by the US Speaker, House of Representatives, Nancy Peloci is over but has left some questions unanswered. Meanwhile, the visit’s fall out…

By Achal Malhotra

Can Either Russia or Ukraine Reasonably Claim to be ‘Winning’ the War in Ukraine?

Calgary (Canada), Jul 28 (The Conversation). As the war in Ukraine drags on, both Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy say it’s going their way. Both sides are outwardly…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum

Ukraine War: Why Moscow Could Go Nuclear Over Kyiv’s Threats to Crimea

Birmingham/Odesa, Jul 21 (The Conversation). As the war in Ukraine is about to head into its sixth month, the ferocity with which it is fought shows no signs of abating…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum

Japanese Elections After Shinzo Abe

The triennial elections to the upper House of Councilors of the Japanese Diet were held on Sunday, 10 July in the shadow of the assassination of former PM Shinzo Abe.…

By Gurjit Singh

Killing The Messenger

Mr Shinzo Abe, the ex-Prime Minister of Japan, was assassinated on 08 July 2022 by one of his own countrymen who shot him at point blank range with a home-made…

By Maj Gen Ashok Kumar

Institutional Collapse in the West?

Amartya Sen claimed on 30th June that India is facing a “collapse of nation” crisis. Ironically, it is the very institutions that Sen depends upon for credibility that are facing…

By Rajeev Srinivasan

I2U2 Partnership – From Hormuz, Bab Al Mandab, Suez & IOR Perspective

Western QUAD finally got a name—I2U2, which stands for Israel, India, UAE and USA. The genesis of this group took place in middle east to harness the maritime traffic of…

By Levina

Ukraine Conflict : No Rules for POWs

Bradford (UK), Jun 12 (The Conversation). As in any war between two sovereign countries, the Ukraine conflict has resulted in thousands of soldiers on both sides being taken captive. Both…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum

A Hundred Days of Shocks and Surprises

The hundred days of a devastating war in Ukraine have proved once again that nothing is predictable in war, even in a David and Goliath kind of confrontation. In a…

By TP Sreenivasan

New Zealand Finds its Voice on Security

By Lucy Craymer WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealand has long been seen as the moderate, even absent, voice on China in the "Five Eyes" western alliance, so much so that…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum