• 24 September, 2022
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Defence & Strategy

Tightening the Noose Around Chinese Ships: India’s Coastal Surveillance System & SAGAR Policy

Bangladesh’s PM Sheikh Hasina was in India recently. The visit helped fructify many projects, especially one that India had been executing since 2019-- Coastal Surveillance System (CSS). India nudged Bangladesh…

By Levina

Rocket-Missile Force: An Inescapable Indian Necessity

Every nation has to be future ready for impending conflicts. This is more pertinent in case of India where probability of conflict remains pretty high with two adversarial neighbours –…

By Maj Gen Ashok Kumar

Pakistan Navy – A Navy That is Detached from Reality

Today, 08 September, is Pakistan Navy Day.  After decades of being in service, why is Pakistan Navy, today finding itself in a fix? Pakistan Navy has acquired two and is…

By Captain DK Sharma (Retd)

A New Narrative for 1962

During the coming weeks, via its media, China is going to reiterate Beijing’s narrative of the 1962 border conflict with India. Already Zhang Xiaokang, the daughter of Gen Zhang Guohua,…

By Claude Arpi

Confidence Building Measures in Conflict Regions: A Prognosis of the Indian Sub-continent

India today has one-sixth of the world's humanity, and its people aspire for a prosperous and safe future in which they can pursue their dreams without fear. To achieve this,…

By Maj Gen (Dr) Rajan Kochhar (Retd)

Resolving Siachen Dispute Amid LAC Standoff with China

India and Pakistan got independence in August 1947 in compliance with Independence Act 1947 passed in UK Parliament on 18 July 1947. The terms and conditions set forth for integration…

By Maj Gen Ashok Kumar

Nuclear Weapons: Destruction, Deterrence, Hoax or an Imaginary Cocktail

The two deadly dates of 06 Aug 1945 and 09 Aug 1945 witnessed the first use of nuclear weapons by USA over the two cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

By Maj Gen Ashok Kumar

‘Defence of Japan 2022’: Moment of Reckoning

Japan's annual ‘Defence of Japan’ (DOJ) 2022 was released in July. It appeared after the assassination of former PM Abe, a leading light of Japan's enhanced defence capabilities. The ruling…

By Gurjit Singh

Indigenisation: The Unsung, Unknown and Untold Story of IAF

In a recently organised seminar at Pune, AOC in C Maintenance Command mentioned the indigenisation plans and achievements by IAF. The crux of his statement was achieving self-reliance for 95…

By Air Vice Marshal Samir Borade, VSM (Retd)

Pakistani Army Colonel Shot Dead in Baluchistan – Ominous Signs?

There’s a war on that nobody has noticed. Or cares to report on, even in India. In Pakistan, it’s been wiped off mainstream media, sometimes due to fear, but mostly…

By Dr Tara Kartha

Lessons From Ukraine

Omar Khayyam wrote: Yes, the first morning of creation wrote what the last dawn of reckoning shall read. However, in the present case the tragedy is unfolding sans a script.…

By K P Fabian

Checkmating Chinese BRI Through INSTC

In December 2021, Russian President Putin visited in India among a lot of din, which was followed by a largely unnoticed visit of Chinese State Councilor and Minister of National…

By Levina