• 27 March, 2023
Geopolitics & National Security

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Artificial Intelligence In Military Systems: India Needs To Bridge The Technological Asymmetry

Swarms of robots with the ability to kill humans are no longer only the stuff of science fiction movies like the Terminator but an ‘in your face’ reality today. Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems…

By Col Deepak Kumar

Faux Pas In Punjab

History, as Karl Marx said, “repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”. What we witnessed in the 1980s was a tragedy when, as has been rightly said, there was…

By Prakash Singh

Grey Zone Warfare – Need for Inoculating India

“It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”                                                                            ― Henry Kissinger The sense of justice, equality…

By Pavithran Rajan

India’s Lithium Resource: A Perspective

Global economy has been dealt tandem blows by the Pandemic and Ukraine crisis. The world is now in the grip of a major fuel, food and fertilizer crisis, rising interest…

By Lt Gen CA Krishnan (Retd)

Punjab: On The Boil Again

Punjab—the land of saints and seers, the granary of India, nursery of the nation’s exceptionally gallant soldiers and outstanding sportspersons--- appears to be once again, sliding to the brink of…

By Lt Gen Kamal Davar (Retd)

Aero India 2023: Runway To A Billion Opportunities

The 14th Edition of five-day Aero India 2023, the biggest biennial air show and aviation expo in Asia, is scheduled from February 13, 2023 to February17, 2023at “Yelahanka Air Force…

By Prof (Dr) DK Pandey 

Defence Budget 2023-24: Staying The Course Of Strength and Self-Sufficiency

The run-up to the budget unveiling is invariably an open season for speculation and ‘requests’ by all the stakeholders of the economy for favourable treatment. This year was no different.…

By Maj Gen Neeraj Bali (Retd)

Budget 2023: Prioritising Defence and Innovation

Globally, countries are reeling with economic shocks.  Comparatively, India has fared well with World Bank stating that the country is better positioned to manage global headwinds. In the defence and…

By Kriti Upadhyaya

An Internal Security Challenge Brewing in the Northeast

A class 12 student from Manipur needed money for an outing with his friends, so he decided to approach a woman who had offered him Rs 1000 per “soap case”…

By Levina

Minimizing Casualties on Indo-Bangladesh Borders

India shares over 15000 Km of borders with its seven neighbours. The circumstances leading upto independence and partition gave rise to many new borders and ever since then India has…

By Sanjiv Krishan Sood

India as an Emerging World Power: Vision 2047

As India celebrates its 75 years of independence, there is a realization that much has been achieved since 1947. Today India can boast of being the fifth largest economy of…

By Maj Gen (Dr) Rajan Kochhar (Retd)

Revisiting India’s Intelligence Architecture

“A Government that has an intelligence system that ensures a surprise does not become a surprise will be successful in securing its people and the nation”: Vikram Sood, Former R&AW…

By Srijan Sharma