• 18 August, 2022
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Quad Leaders

A Quad Of A New Kind: Tech Quad

Machines, big and small, all rely on one component, semiconductors. Be it computers, telecommunications, household appliances, banking, security, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and last but not least, war-making machinery, all depend…

By Cdr Sandeep Dhawan (Retd)

AUKUS for Muscle Power, QUAD for Global Good

A new word, “Nixon shokku” was added to the Japanese dictionaries when President Nixon made a visit to Beijing behind the back of the closest ally of the US in…

By TP Sreenivasan

It’s Not the Job of the Quad, Keeping Chinese Tankers Safe !

In mature democracies, the relationship between the foreign service and the Navy is symbiotic, with each service wishing the best of health to the other. In India, the relationship started…

By Rear Admiral K Raja Menon (Retd)

First Quad Leaders Summit on March 12, Leaders of USA, Japan, Australia and India to hold Virtual Meeting

India and USA announced that a virtual summit of the leaders of Quad Nations will be held on March 12. It will be for the first time that talks will…