• 29 September, 2023
Geopolitics & National Security

NSA Ajit Doval

Book Review – ‘Crunch Time: Narendra Modi’s National Security Crises’

With a catchy title– Crunch Time– and an attention-drawing picture of our Prime Minister in the commander’s cupola of the Arjun Tank! What is this book about? As per the…

By Lt Gen AK Singh

India-US Ties Survive Vaccine Test

India-US Ties Survive Vaccine Test The Defence Production Act (DPA) invoked by Trump to ensure that US companies involved in the manufacture of all the ingredients that go into the…

NSA Ajit Doval and US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin to meet on Friday, China and Regional Issues to be on Agenda

Defence Secretary of USA, Lloyd Austin will be visiting India from March 19-21, the first official visit by a high ranking member in US President Joe Biden administration to New…