• 02 October, 2023
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India’s Way to Superpower

Prashant Mishra
Wed, 30 Nov 2022   |  Reading Time: 3 minutes

Whenever we hear term superpower the first thing which comes to our mind is a Hollywood movie scene in which a country has a huge military power with cutting edge technology, from a headquarter taking decisions to secure world from different kinds of threat, and it is top decision making body taking decisions for the world order, we have commonly seen U.S.A playing this role. But is it really true or just another narrative building with a little facts and much of fiction playing with the minds of people, injecting idea of U.S.A being sole super power who does the right thing.

What is super power in terms of nation ? In simple words, any country which has strong military, economy, diplomacy and is self reliant for its needs, and is able to influence the decisions and countries, not only in neighbour but also in far off continent. Is there any country of which we can imagine? Result is a little vague but, enough to understand that there is something.

Earlier, U.S.A and Russia both were seen as two superpowers, and China as rising power, but , today situation is very much different form what it was perceived, stand of U.S.A is shaken and after Russia-Ukraine conflict started which was thought as, would be “Blitzkrieg” and within days maps would change, but it is nothing like that and its title of super power is getting shady too. And, China is growing at rapid pace with its strong economy which is ultimately resulting in strong military and diplomacy. Acts by China during pandemic including its border conflict with India has brought it in the eyes of people who were earlier ignorant of China’s growth, the way and the intention with which it was penetrating deeper in markets of different countries and influence them in accordance with their (China’s) terms in future.

And now it is perceived as threat because of its wolf warrior diplomacy, and coercing its neighbours when comfortable and trading when convenient, and because of this west takes India as a counter balance to China’s growth. And Indians too have now realised potent threat from China. But we will have to introspect is India really prepared enough to counter China.

Since independence India has been growing slowly and steadily, but if we look at our neighbour China we are much behind. But why? It is believed that there were three major reasons which resulted as drag for India’s growth, first Partition, second delay in liberalising economy and third delay in developing nuclear power.

But it is never too late as now we know our weakness and strength and the direction in which we have to work, working on paper is not enough we will have to implement it on ground, for that huge amount of money is required which requires work on our economy, when countries economy is strong it can work on its all-other aspects like military, infrastructure, innovation etc. Policies like “Vocal for local” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat” have come like an opportunity which needs to be exploited very well not only by Govt. but also by Private sectors in India, as world is looking for “China + 1” and India has potential strength with its resources and manpower to become this “1”for world.

Making India a superpower should not be the goal only of govt. but of common citizens too, as growth of India is directly proportional to growth of an individual. When every individual
has a common goal it will be a easier task. Public will have to understand that military is just like an outer wall ,it is us normal people who makes country strong and stable and they
have major stakes in making India a super power their small deeds will have a significant impact. Without falling prey to western propaganda/narrative, in which India’s culture, practice, beliefs, ideology is shown inferior to that of Westerners.

India is known for its diversity but with this also comes various fault lines which is exploited by our adversaries to destabilise peace and harmony and here the role of civilians will come who will play role of civil solider. When common people will understand that their single small act affects growth of nation then there will be room for growth.

A simple code of conduct which could be expected to follow is “truth, honesty and integrity ” in their work, here comes the role of govt to bridge the communication gap between govt. and common people through developing good public relation and taking them into confidence to cooperate and coordinate with govt. And every dream will come true.



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