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China’s Invasion Plan On Taiwan

Varun Sahu
Tue, 26 Oct 2021   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

China and Taiwan were separated after a civil war in 1949 but China considers Taiwan as a part of its territory and can be taken control of by force if necessary, but Taiwan’s leaders say that Taiwan is a sovereign state and it’s not under any other state.

But later in early 1980s, China put forward a formula to make good relation with Taiwan, known as one country, two systems, under which Taiwan would be given significant autonomy if accepted the deal but it was rejected by Taiwan, but the government of Taiwan relaxes rules on visits to and investment in China.

China’s implementation of a national security law in Hong Kong in 2020 was seen by many as another sign that Beijing was becoming significantly more assertive in the region. One China Policy stated that countries seeking diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China that is PRC and Mainland China must break official relations with the Republic of China ROC, Taiwan and vice versa.

But this was challenged by Taiwan. Taiwan has diplomatic relations with 15 countries and substantive ties with many others countries such as Australia, Canada, EU nations, Japan and New Zealand etc. Besides, Taiwan has full membership in 38 intergovernmental organizations and their subsidiary bodies, including the World Trade Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Asian Development Bank and Central American Bank for Economic Integration and etc.

Recently, the US has announced a new trilateral security partnership for the Indo-Pacific, between Australia, the UK and the US (AUKUS), which is also seen as an effort to counter China and the other Malabar Exercise (US, Japan, India and Australia) is also a major step towards building a sustainable Indo-Pacific coalition abd to counter attack militarily powerful China.

US is been helping Taiwan as, Taiwan has sought to improve its defenses with the purchase of US weapons, including upgraded F-16 fighter jets, armed drones, rocket systems and Harpoon missiles. Also a US aircraft carrier group which has entered South China seas to ensure freedom of seas and build partnerships that foster maritime security.

Since 1949, India has accepted the “One China” policy that accepts Taiwan and Tibet as part of China, but India uses the policy to make a diplomatic point, i.e., if India believes in “One China” policy, China should also believe in a “One India” policy. But India’s engagement with Taiwan is still restricted due to the framework of ties with China.

India does not have formal diplomatic relations but since 1995, both sides have maintained representative offices in each other’s capitals that function as “de facto embassies” (embassy in the absence of official diplomate). India and other powers such as US Russia must stop any Chinese effort to take Taiwan by force. The reason to stop China is not about Taiwan only but also because of the consequences of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be for India and the rest of Asia and World.

The day after China’s invasion of Taiwan will mark a very different Asia and will somehow make China make more assertive irrespective of the results of the invasion of Taiwan by China.

If India is given a permanent membership in UNSC this will also help to tackle China and the QUAD and Trilateral security partnership. It should draw a redline for China in their efforts towards invasion on Taiwan or any disturbance in South Asia seas.


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Rahul Chauhan

Oct 26, 2021
Eloquently written!

Nilesh Mishra

Oct 26, 2021
Awesome work brother, keep up the good work. Waiting for more such content.

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