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Afghans launch social media campaign against Pakistan

Wed, 11 Aug 2021   |  Reading Time: < 1 minute

Kabul [Afghanistan], August 11 (ANI): Scores of people on social media, including many in Afghanistan have begun a massive anti-Pakistan campaign to protest against their meddling in the war-torn country.

“For the third day in a row, #SanctionPakistan is a top trend on all social media platforms. Afghans are speaking loudly and clearly. Listen world, listen,” said Habib Khan, a prominent Afghan journalist. People on social media are asking Pakistan to end interference in Afghan affairs, The Afghanistan Times reported. Hashtags that are trending include “SanctionPakistan”, “Stop Proxy War”, and “Stop Supporting” terrorist group.

Former Canadian minister Chris Alexander said these hashtags reflect the determination of Afghan to live in peace. “#SanctionPakistan isn’t just a hashtag trending on Twitter. It reflects the determination of Afghans, Pakistanis & citizens of many other states to live in peace — free from invasion, proxy war & terrorism,” former Canadian minister Chris Alexander tweeted.

There will be no permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan without sanctions against Pakistan, he had said in a subsequent tweet. The hashtags against Pakistan have been used by social media users for over 70,000 in Facebook and Twitter. Several Afghan politicians and famous figures have joined this campaign.

Afghans on both sides of the Durand line blamed Pakistan for the current turbulence in Afghanistan. (ANI)

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