• 09 December, 2022
Geopolitics & National Security.


In a transformative reform, Cabinet clears ‘AGNIPATH’ scheme for recruitment of youth in the Armed Forces

The Union Cabinet today approved an attractive recruitment scheme for Indian youth to serve in the Armed Forces. The scheme is called AGNIPATH and the youth selected under this scheme…

Fully Integrated Soldier Systems

Contemporary conflicts of the not-so-distant past mandated the dismounted Infantry soldier to don personal (protective) battlefield attire and bring to battle his small-arms and any other close-quarter (CQB) battle weaponry.…

By Brig Arvind Dhananjayan (Retd)

Adieu, Bharat’s General

There are moments in a nation’s history when time stands still. The unfortunate and untimely death of the country’s first Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Laxman Singh Rawat is…

By Colonel S Dinny (Retd)

Textron’s Cased Telescoped (CT) Ammunition for Next Generation Infantry Weapons

Image Courtsey: Textron Systems Warfare has evolved over the centuries and today it encompasses multiple domains and prosecuted as conventional as well as non conventional operations, tending to blur the…