• 23 February, 2024
Geopolitics & National Security

Pakistan ISI

Terrorism is Not a Game

As both India and Pakistan celebrate their 75th anniversary of their independence, unfortunately, Pakistan is identified as the progenitor and a safe haven for terrorism and global terrorists stalking and…

By Anil Trigunayat

Imran Khan-Pakistan Army Tensions: A Mexican Standoff

What was supposed to have been a routine transfer and posting in the top echelons of the Pakistan Army has now become a full-blown civil-military crisis. When the reshuffle in…

By Sushant Sareen

Faiz Hameed’s Mission Imposition in Kabul

The visit of Pakistan’s spymaster, DG ISI Lt Gen Faiz Hameed, to Kabul in full public glare has not only re-confirmed what the world has known for long – the…

By Sushant Sareen