• 16 May, 2022
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Ukraine says Russia has closed off northwestern part of Black Sea to navigation

KYIV (Reuters) - The Ukrainian border guards service said on Saturday Russia had closed off the northwestern part of the Black Sea to navigation. "The presence of ships and ships…

Maritime Unmanned Systems: Shaping A Seamless Ocean

Hypothetical Scenario-25 August 2024.    In response to continued development of military infrastructure by China in the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea (SCS), the US Navy, in consonance with…

By Brig Arvind Dhananjayan (Retd)

Unmanned Ground Vehicles: Augmenting Our Frontline Warriors

Outcomes in battles are a fallout of the side with better morale and will; but also the one with superior training and equipment. Indeed, all other factors considered, the side…

By Brig Arvind Dhananjayan (Retd)

NASA’s self-driving perseverance Mars Rover ‘takes the wheel’

Washington DC [US], July 2 (ANI): NASA's newest six-wheeled robot on Mars, the Perseverance rover, is beginning an epic journey across a crater floor seeking signs of ancient life, the…