• 24 May, 2024
Foreign Affairs, Geopolitics & National Security
Anil Trigunayat
Anil Trigunayat

Anil Trigunayat is a former Indian Ambassador to Jordan, Libya and Malta and is a Distinguished Fellow and head of the West Asia Experts Group at the Vivekananda International Foundation. He is a regular commentator and contributor on foreign policy issues.

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Terrorism is Not a Game

As both India and Pakistan celebrate their 75th anniversary of their independence, unfortunately, Pakistan is identified as the progenitor and a safe haven for terrorism and global terrorists stalking and staring at the world with impunity due to state patronage. Pakistan itself claims to be the vic

India on the European Horizon

India@75 is no longer an emerging power, but has emerged as a credible regional and global actor of consequence. It is a rising power to be reckoned with. More importantly because India often takes a principled approach on international issues which is driven by strategic autonomy and her own enligh

India-USA: 2+2 Could be 5

Indian diplomacy during the Russia-Ukraine crisis has been on a high drive. Recently, she has also been a favorite destination (virtual or physical) for dozens of dignitaries including Prime Ministers of Australia and Japan, special envoys and foreign ministers especially from the western capitals,

India’s Vote – Deft or Daft Diplomacy

Russia-Ukraine war is touching everyone in different ways as the already stressed global world order goes through a premediated churn. As if pandemic was not enough, geo politics between Moscow and Washington has begun to impact the ordinary lives in myriad ways as the prices and uncertainty of ener

The Chinese Checkers in the Middle East

China has emerged as a force to reckon with in the Middle East after quietly pursuing its strategic, economic and security objectives for decades while expanding the tentacles of its all-encompassing Belt and Road Initiative. Beijing’s focused approach has its footprints from Iran to Israel and ac