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From Bin Laden to Al Qureshi - The Perpetual Wars - Chanakya Forum
  • 16 June, 2024
Foreign Affairs, Geopolitics & National Security

From Bin Laden to Al Qureshi – The Perpetual Wars

Dr Waiel Awwad Tue, 22 Feb 2022   |  Reading Time: 4 minutes

While the world is busy debating whether Russia will invade Ukraine and what will be the consequences and ramifications, the geo-political game plan among superpowers continues with the onset of a cold war between the USA and Allies vs China and Russia. The Pentagon continues its policy of eliminating the top leaders of Al Qaeda terrorist organizations. However, the revival of the terror organization is in full swing and the search for new faces to lead the terror groups including Daesh (ISIS), which is on the other side of the same terror coin.

After the sinister plot in the northeastern part of Syria, where the jailbreaks took place by the terrorists, not much attention was paid and there was no coverage of the events in the global media. Top leaders of the terror organization were released from the jail which is under the custody of the US supported weak Kurdish forces.  There are 5000 hard-core terrorists inside the jail from more than 50 nationalities, kept inside ever since the defeat of DAESH and Al Qaeda at the hand of the Syrian army and the popular movement of Iraq.

Most of the fugitive terrorists have been moved to unknown destinations. Some intelligence reports suggest they will be transferred for the next terror activities, which is more likely closer to China’s borders in the Commonwealth of  Independent States (CIS), as in the case of Kazakhstan where intelligence reports indicated the presence of many terrorists transferred by Turkey from Syria.  The remaining terrorists will be sent to Ukraine to continue the sabotage operation against the Russian federation and incite minorities within the Russian states to destabilize Russia. The objective is to isolate Russia, cut it from the SWIFT system, and deny Moscow the benefits of gas pipelines revenues to Europe.

All this while some of the terrorists were left scot-free in Syria and they have started reviving terrorist activities against the Syrian army in liberated places under the Syrian government. The focus will be more on Al Houl’s jail under the Kurdish forces where there are more than 3500 hardcore terrorists of different nationalities deserted by their own countries.

The USA will continue to support the Kurd forces in the northeastern part of Syria under its own occupation, extract Syrian oil and share the benefits with its allies, and on the other hand, encourage president Erdogan  of Turkey to continue his rule in saving American interest in the region and keeping the Russian on their toes. The danger is looming and the hunt is on for a new leader to the terror organization who can recruit more from different countries.

After the jailbreak, the US special forces carried out a commando operation in the outskirts of Idlib, a city in the north of Syria which is under the control of forces of President Erdogan of Turkey. They claimed to have killed the top leader of the Al Qaeda organization, Abu Ibrahim Al Qureshi, who was protected by Erdogan’s henchmen, in the same modus operandi of killing Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi as claimed by the USA!  In fact, US Special Forces targeted many of the defiant terrorists in the region and eliminated them despite Turkey’s objections. Most of these covert operations were done under the auspicious eyes of Turkish forces and in total intelligence coordination and sharing between them, while publicly, president Erdogan denounced the killing of his stooges.

The killing of the leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization, Osama Bin Laden took place in a raid, inside Pakistan, and it was not a difficult operation. But the Pentagon  waited for the right time to eliminate him sending a signal to the world that the terror group is over in South Asia. The creation of ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq diverted the world’s attention from Pakistan and Afghanistan into Turkey (Pakistan in the making) and Syria (Afghanistan in the making). After their defeat, the remaining terror pockets inside Syria and Iraq are now gaining attention. USA and Europe want to put an end to it and use them against their sponsor, Turkey, after making Russia bleed.

Undoubtedly, the US and Turkey have succeeded in turning Idlib into a “New Afghanistan”, as Idlib is currently harboring more than 55,000 terrorists from 83 countries, under the protection of Erdogan’s Turkish forces. The other affiliated terrorist groups like “Haiaat Tahrir Al-Sham” are very much active in northern Syria fighting other terror groups over the leadership issue and enjoying total protection by Turkey. US is still not targeting this terror-listed group even though most of the Al Qaeda leaders were sheltered under their areas of control in Idlib, with the full knowledge of Ankara military post in the area!

The US continues to dominate world politics and works hard to regain its glory and dominance, but it is not the only superpower. The shift in the importance of energy sources from the Middle East/West Asia to Central Asia is a geopolitical game-changer. It is the heart of China and Russia’s main focus and hence it will reshape world politics. It is not only rich in natural resources but it constitutes an important route for the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Eurasia corridor and it is considered the security depth of Russia.

US-UK in the meanwhile is engaged in disseminating war hysteria globally against Russia, accusing it of preparing to invade Ukraine and demonizing Putin to apply more pressures on Moscow to bow down and force Moscow to accept Washington dictates’. Arming Ukraine is not only part of the US-NATO strategy to strengthen its defense forces, but also to make arms easily available for mercenaries and ISIS cadets from the Russian Federation to create havoc in many provinces within Russia.

Similarly, Chinese president Xi Jinping will not expect his counterpart US president Joe Biden to “come out of the bathroom naked while he is waiting in the bedroom”.  Beijing will resist Washington’s policy of dragging it into a cold war and accelerate its expansion horizontally by using money power to achieve its global objective at the cost of descending US global influences while cementing its control in the Asia Pacific region. The US policy towards China will not bring it down to its knees, as China did to Japan in the 80’s, even if it uses its nuclear muscles, as China is also increasing its nuclear deterrence.

The US policy of containment against Russia and China is causing more disturbances globally and can lead to rising oil prices and a cut in gas supply to Europe besides the impact on food security which will lead to a chaotic situation worldwide. China and Russia are getting strongly bonded despite the historic disputes and this is worrying US and its allies, which find it a challenge to face both together. The US will go on to form more anti-Russia-China blocs and force friendly countries to fall in line with its objectives.



Dr Waiel Awwad is a senior international journalist and political analyst.


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Shivarama Bharadwaja

Feb 22, 2022
it is a fact that Iraq is still a very destabilized country. infact we have never seen it stable since American invasion. however I don't agree that Kurdish peshmarga is "WEAK". They have fought and stood the ground when Iraqi army was fleeing from ISIS or Daesh in the initial days of terror. Kurdish peshmarga was not well equipped like Iraqi army . But what we saw was the American equipped Iraqi army fleeing leaving behind a whole war chest to ISIS. These weapons were later flaunted by the daesh later during takeover of other territories till the border town Kobane. Kurdish peshmarga are battle hardened forces. We have all seen how they defended the only Kurdish town in turkey border , Kobane. India can also use them (Kurds) as strategic assets against turkey whenever Ardogan tries to whip his tail . All we have to do is equip them .

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