• 02 February, 2023
Geopolitics & National Security


India Beware Of Copycat Chinese Air Force

In China, ‘Shanzhai’ today means imitation products that originally meant mountain stronghold. This word was originally associated with pirate factories producing duplicate products. Who knew one day, China would be…

By Cdr Sandeep Dhawan (Retd)

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Using Winter as A Weapon of War

The Russian-Ukraine Conflict (RUC) has completed nine months and heads into its tenth month. The Ukrainian Army is on the offensive, but Ukraine still has a long way to go…

By Prof (Dr) DK Pandey 

American Deep State Out to Sabotage India-USA Relationship?

Recently the US embassy in Islamabad went on a social media overdrive. In a series of tweets over three days, they highlighted the US ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome’s 2-4…

By Cdr Sandeep Dhawan (Retd)

US-Pak F-16 Diplomacy : Concerns Galore

The Biden administration approved the $450 million package for Pakistan’s fighter jets’ related equipment and the F-16 fleet sustainment programme. The Pentagon’s Defence Security Cooperation Agency has confirmed that no…

By Prof (Dr) DK Pandey 

Firing Off the Dead Queen’s Shoulder

Barely forty-eight hours after becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after a very long campaign in which she reached the goal from a position well behind in the race,…

By G S Iyer

Eurasia Flare Up – Russian Distraction Or a Lurking World War ?

History has taught us that the nation which cannot manage its resources is bound to fail. The number of countries which are presently at logger heads with each other across…

By Levina

SCO Manifests Indian Strategic Autonomy

Indian participation at the 22nd Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization drew attention. It was a clear manifestation of India’s strategic autonomy as the SCO is widely regarded as a…

By Gurjit Singh

The Ukraine War: From Here to Where?

The dynamics of war will always remain unpredictable. In February 2022 the reputed Russian war machine was expected to flatten all resistance of the Ukrainians in a matter of days.…

By Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

Nuclear Weapons: Destruction, Deterrence, Hoax or an Imaginary Cocktail

The two deadly dates of 06 Aug 1945 and 09 Aug 1945 witnessed the first use of nuclear weapons by USA over the two cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

By Maj Gen Ashok Kumar

‘Defence of Japan 2022’: Moment of Reckoning

Japan's annual ‘Defence of Japan’ (DOJ) 2022 was released in July. It appeared after the assassination of former PM Abe, a leading light of Japan's enhanced defence capabilities. The ruling…

By Gurjit Singh

NATO’s Madrid Summit and the Potential Expansion to Include Finland and Sweden

With war in Eastern Europe, and one involving Russia, could a NATO summit be far behind. Ever since 1991 when the Soviet Union finally broke up and NATO rejoiced in…

By Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

Lessons From Ukraine

Omar Khayyam wrote: Yes, the first morning of creation wrote what the last dawn of reckoning shall read. However, in the present case the tragedy is unfolding sans a script.…

By K P Fabian