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TV Producer

chanakyaforum Thu, 29, June 2023

We’re looking for a Producer who is passionate about creating compelling content that will resonate with our viewers. As a Producer, you will be responsible for developing and oversee the production of various programs. In this role, you will collaborate with a team of editors to ensure that all elements of the show come together to create a captivating and entertaining experience for our audience. If you have a strong experience of 10+ years of experience in mainstream Hindi Channel and are looking for an exciting new challenge, we want to hear from you!

TV Producer Responsibilities:

• Develop and write production scripts
• Develop and/or acquire appropriate music, audio, and talent
• Identify and procure appropriate locations for filming and interview/gathering space
• Develop and produce videos
• Estimate filming and production expenses
• Manage all production staff
• Produce commercials, documentaries, and other programming
• Create scripts for commercials, video packages, and documentaries, and collaborate with clients during brainstorming sessions.


• Degree in film and production or relevant field
• 10+ years of producer or TV producing position experience in main stream Hindi Channel.
• Good organizational and time management skills
• Strong people skills
• Willingness to work irregular hours
• Network in the industry
• Work well under pressure
• Self-motivation and the ability to motivate others
• Excellent presentation and pitching skills

To apply for this job kindly send your cv at hr@chanakyaforum.com

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