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UK Parliamentarian affirms ongoing advocacy for Balochistan Human Rights

Sat, 24 Feb 2024   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

London [UK], February 24 (ANI): In a virtual session hosted by John McDonnell, the UK Labour Member of Parliament for Hayes and Harlington, discussions were held on atrocities faced by the people of Balochistan.
The one-hour-long discourse garnered participation from over 500 individuals worldwide, including prominent Baloch rights activists like Mahrang Baloch, Sabiha Baloch, and Jamal Baloch.
During the online session, McDonnell emphasised the continuity of his commitment, saying, “From my perspective as a British MP, for me now, it is a continuous campaign where we work together.” Addressing the pressing issue of human rights abuses perpetrated by the Pakistani administration, McDonnell outlined a three-pronged approach.
He asserted, “First, we need to do everything we can to expose the human rights abuses that are taking place and to use every available platform for it. As a member of the British Parliament, I will consistently utilize that platform to bring attention to human rights abuses.”
McDonnell also highlighted the imperative need to ensure the protection of campaigners, addressing the alarming trend of activists being abducted and threatened by Pakistan. Furthermore, he emphasised the global community’s role in mobilizing international opinion to exert pressure on Pakistani authorities, advocating for basic civil liberties and human rights in Balochistan.
Expressing support for the cause, McDonnell underscored the leverage the UK government holds through aid and trade agreements with Pakistan. He commented, “Pakistan receives substantial aid, not only from the UK but also from other countries. It’s crucial to use that aid to ensure Pakistan respects basic human rights and civil liberties in Balochistan.”
McDonnell acknowledged concerns about the resistance of the Pakistani government to international intervention, emphasizing a moral responsibility to collaborate with campaigners. He stressed, “Working with all the campaigners, we can establish conditions in trade deals that align with our objectives.”
Commending the resilience of protestors standing against Pakistani atrocities, McDonnell concluded that such acts contribute to securing civil liberties and basic human rights for the people of Balochistan. (ANI)

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