• 09 December, 2022
Geopolitics & National Security.

Tibetan refugees

Stability and Succession in Tibet

In 2011, Xi Jinping, then Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China, stated that China should “govern the nation by governing the borders; govern the borders by first stabilizing Tibet;…

By Claude Arpi

China Appoints New Commander Western Theatre Command – What India Should Read Into the Move

From the days of Arjuna or Alexander, every side has spent time and effort to know about opposing commander/s and understanding the whys and wherefores of what drives them, what…

By Brigadier Sanal Kumar (Retd)

An Old Kinship and India-China Relation

An Old Kinship and India-China Relation Mr Claude Arpi For centuries India and Tibet shared values, not only in the spiritual realm (Mt Kailash, the sacred mountain of the Hindus…

Tibet: Simmering Discontent and Discord

It has been over sixty years since Communist China occupied Tibet. Ever since then, she has been acting as per a fixed plan and system to wipe out the Tibetan…