• 14 April, 2024
Geopolitics & National Security

Missiles of Indian Navy

The Sinking of Moskva – Challenges for Large Surface Ships

The Russian warship cruiser Moskva, the flagship of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, sank on 14 April 2022 during the conflict in Ukraine. The ship was hit by two R-360 Neptune…

By Air Marshal Anil Chopra (Retd)

Why India Needs a Blue Water Navy

Why India Needs a Blue Water Navy For eons it has been a proven fact that a maritime state enjoys greater economic benefits as compared to a land-locked one. A…

Navy’s Missile Arsenal – A Decisive Factor

Maritime operations feature one of the most sophisticated and asymmetric fighting environments, given their multi-dimensional threat scenarios and vastness of the area of operations, both surface and sub surface.  Moreover,…