• 03 March, 2024
Geopolitics & National Security

joint operations

The Question of Junagadh and Independent India’s First Joint Military Operation

The Integrated Defence Staff released the first-ever public joint doctrine for the Indian armed forces (JDIAF-2017) in April 2017[1]. The Indian defence services have since been working in all earnest…

By Col Deepak Kumar

JADC2: Spearheading All-Domain Operations

Source:news.usni.org Hypothetical Scenario (04 July 2028).  A North Korean ICBM is launched from outside Pyongyang. 10 seconds into the launch, its heat ejecta is picked up by a US surveillance…

By Brig Arvind Dhananjayan (Retd)

Indian Air Force – Game Changers in the Current Geo Strategic Scenario

“The one who controls Aerospace will control the planet Earth” was well established by the 1950s. The major powers began spending greater sums on aerospace. Air offers speed, range, accuracy,…

By Air Marshal Anil Chopra (Retd)

Opening Ceremony Exercise ZAPAD 2021 in Russia

The Exercise ZAPAD 2021 commenced on 04th September 2021 at Nizhniy in Russia with an aim to train troops to undertake joint operations in conventional battlefield scenario.  The exercise aims…