• 02 March, 2024
Geopolitics & National Security
Maj Gen (Dr) Rajan Kochhar (Retd)
Maj Gen (Dr) Rajan Kochhar (Retd)

Maj Gen (Dr) Rajan Kochhar, VSM (Retd) is an Indian Army veteran. He is an alumnus of Defence Services Staff College and College of Defence Management. He is presently a Senior Adviser with Defence Research and Studies and PCRI, Member MP IDSA, CENJOWS and SamDES. His recent book on “Breaking the Chinese Myth” has been a best seller on Amazon.

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India is at centre stage of the world as it grows to become the fifth largest economy. In every country’s history there comes a time of reckoning when it gets catapulted as a major power centre and therefore, we can say “India’s time has come”. It is also largely understood that a Comprehens


The recently concluded G 20 summit in Delhi could be largely concluded to a diplomatic victory for India as the much elusive consensus emerged after extreme prolonged negotiations culminating in the “Delhi Declaration”. If one sees this issue in its entirety there has been a major role of milita

Strategic Communication And Media: Powerful Instruments To Shape Future War Outcomes

The prosecution of war in recent times has undergone a paradigm change.  Conflicts today are fought over various domains in cognitive as well as noncognitive dimensions. We also see an emergence of grey zone warfare with a cyber and space dimension, making the war waging effort more complex and cha

India’s Quest Towards Defence Modernisation: A Pragmatic Approach

Security and operational preparedness of any nation would always be its utmost priority. Therefore, given the present circumstances of economic instability in the world in general, with the Russia-Ukraine conflict not getting resolved, it was no surprise that this year’s defence budget fell much s

Sino-Indian War: Are We Prepared?

As they say ‘War’ is never a solution to a problem as it is a barbaric activity which only results in loss of lives and property/land. Both the parties persecuting war end up with massive economic and social losses as rightly said by John SC Abbott, “War is a science of destruction”. In rece

India as an Emerging World Power: Vision 2047

As India celebrates its 75 years of independence, there is a realization that much has been achieved since 1947. Today India can boast of being the fifth largest economy of the world having made giant strides in industrialization, infrastructure development and military modernization. India today ex

Confidence Building Measures in Conflict Regions: A Prognosis of the Indian Sub-continent

India today has one-sixth of the world's humanity, and its people aspire for a prosperous and safe future in which they can pursue their dreams without fear. To achieve this, it is imperative to have a congenial external and internal environment, in which the country could make its place in the worl

Crystal Gazing the Future of Ukraine

The past two months have been unprecedented in world history. We were transformed into the era of the pre Cold War reminiscent of World War II, 1941-45. It seems mankind has forgotten the mass destruction which human civilization was subjected to at that point of time. There were enough indications

Will Taiwan be the Next Conflict Zone ?

The geo-political landscape of the World has undergone a change in the past few months. Potential hot spots have transformed into major conflict areas as is evident in regions of Europe, Middle-East and Africa. The cold war era was considered buried, done and dusted; however, the emerging political

Atmanirbhar Bharat 2022: A Report Card on Defence Modernisation

A lot has been spoken and written on Atmanirbhar Bharat in recent times. There was a lot of fanfare associated with the Make-in-India campaign wherein a number of defence reforms were announced in 2020 with an aim to improve the state of manufacturing in the country as well as impact the ease of doi

Indo-Israel Relations – Robust As Ever

Indo-Israel relations take us back to 17 September 1950, when India officially recognised the state of Israel. In 1953, we had the first consulate of Israel coming up at Mumbai. Thereafter, it was slow progress in the development of strengthening our relationship with Israel due to a pro-Arab policy