• 03 March, 2024
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Maj Gen Ashok Kumar (Retd)
Maj Gen Ashok Kumar (Retd)

Maj Gen Ashok Kumar, VSM (Retd) is a Kargil war veteran and defence analyst. He is visiting fellow of CLAWS and specialises on neighbouring countries with special focus on China.

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The gunners in India recently celebrated their Corps Day on September 28, 2023. as it was this very date way back in 1827 when the first artillery unit was raised as part of the British India. Whether the gunners should continue with this date as their ‘Corps Day’ or shift to a suitable date in


Since the existence of civilization, the concept of war fighting has also been in practice in some way or the other. The reasons for the conflict, the scope of the conflicts, use of weaponry and the method of warfighting though, have been changing over the years. It is essential that an analysis of

Emerging Bhutanese Intransigence

The recent statements of Bhutanese Foreign Minister Tandi Dorji indicating substantial progress in their boundary talks with China is a serious cause of concern for India. The minister indicated the conclusion of 24 rounds of boundary talks and deliberations by the expert group. Such inputs have bee

The Chinese Intransience During Foreign Ministers’ Meet At Goa SCO Summit

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in September 2022 at Samarkand, Uzbekistan resulted in China accepting withdrawal from Gorga-Hot Spring Area (PP-15) on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Eastern Ladakh in run up to this event wherein withdrawal had commenced on September 8, 2022

Time For Review Of ‘No First Use’ Nuclear Policy

Since the launch of nuclear strikes by the USA on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 06 Aug 1945 and 09 Aug 1945 in Japan resulting in unprecedented destruction, every country has been aspiring to possess these nuclear weapons. Before the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was adopted in 1970, five

Rocket-Missile Force: An Inescapable Indian Necessity

Every nation has to be future ready for impending conflicts. This is more pertinent in case of India where probability of conflict remains pretty high with two adversarial neighbours – China and Pakistan. The unsettled borders in form of ‘LOC’ with Pakistan and ‘LAC’ in case of China have

Resolving Siachen Dispute Amid LAC Standoff with China

India and Pakistan got independence in August 1947 in compliance with Independence Act 1947 passed in UK Parliament on 18 July 1947. The terms and conditions set forth for integration of princely states created their own challenges of being part of India/Pakistan. The delayed decision of Maharaja Ha

Nuclear Weapons: Destruction, Deterrence, Hoax or an Imaginary Cocktail

The two deadly dates of 06 Aug 1945 and 09 Aug 1945 witnessed the first use of nuclear weapons by USA over the two cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. It caused unprecedented levels of destruction. Devastation was not only instant but continued in times to come due to radiation and

Chinese Hand Behind Sri Lanka’s Crisis and The Indian Dilemma

While the economic crisis has been in the making for over a decade in Sri Lanka, but the way it has unfolded is beyond comprehension. The visuals of citizens of the nation entering the Presidential palace, the PM’s residence, national broadcaster and so many other Government offices and buildings

Killing The Messenger

Mr Shinzo Abe, the ex-Prime Minister of Japan, was assassinated on 08 July 2022 by one of his own countrymen who shot him at point blank range with a home-made hand/shot gun, made mostly out of 3D printed parts. Despite on the spot CPR followed by evacuation through an air ambulance, one of the worl

Crying Need for an Indian Bridge on Pangong Tso

Recent satellite images indicate advance preparation and commencement of construction for another bridge over Pangong Tso, which will be capable of sustained movement of armoured vehicles, mechanised infantry vehicles and other heavy vehicles. While some analysts believe that this is the second brid

India’s Sri Lankan Moment has Arrived

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, it was highlighted by Russia that Ukraine joining NATO will result in Russian security getting compromised. It was due to this reason that Russia had put forward two demands to USA/NATO - one was not to include Ukraine as part of NATO and the second was

‘93,000 POW Given For Free’ – Boundary Negotiations Need a Change

Boundary negotiations are complex issues. For countries which came out of grip of Western colonialism in the 1940s, 50s and even 60s, territory and sovereignty are interlinked. Neither can exist in isolation from the other. That is why negotiations over delineation and demarcation are so fraught.