• 16 June, 2024
Foreign Affairs, Geopolitics & National Security
G S Iyer
G S Iyer
Mr G S Iyer joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1965. He has served as the Ambassador to Morocco where he was conferred the Grand Cordon of the Wisdam Alaoui by HM King Hassan II of Morocco, the highest honor of the Kingdom. He was also Ambassador to Mexico. He served as Senior Directing Staff (Foreign Service) National Defense College, New Delhi. He speaks Chinese and can read Spanish. He is a renowned author.

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Firing Off the Dead Queen’s Shoulder

Barely forty-eight hours after becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after a very long campaign in which she reached the goal from a position well behind in the race, Liz Truss used the occasion of her tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth to attempt to create a fresh myth of Western civilisat

The Sri Lankan Crisis – Need to Look Within

A particularly ugly financial crisis reared its fierce visage in front of Sri Lanka with hardly any public notice in the early months of 2022 with such rapidity that, within a few weeks, its financial system was in total collapse for all practical purposes, its political system in mortal straits wit

Lessons from a Conference Hundred Years Back

This year marks the centenary of the Washington Naval Conference which was held in the capital of the United States from November 1921 to February 1922. This Conference, well known at that time as a major disarmament measure, is rarely studied in India. It is quite understandable because defence iss

The World is Missing a Strong NAM

The first ambassador of Japan to India, while recording his reminiscences, makes a reference to a remark made by Prime Minister Nehru during his first call that true independence of a country resides in its foreign policy and the rest was just municipal administration. Surely, keeping roads clean, h