• 22 February, 2024
Geopolitics & National Security
Achal Malhotra
Achal Malhotra
Achal Malhotra is a former diplomat from the Indian Foreign Service. He served as the Deputy Permanent Representative of India to UN and International Organizations in Vienna,  India’s Ambassador to Armenia and  India’s Ambassador to Georgia. He was the Director, Delhi Policy Group (2012-14) . His books include ‘Prehistoric Mythological and Legendary Links India : Sri Lanka’ (2006),  ‘India – Armenia: So Far Yet So Close’ (2018) ; ‘The South Caucasus : Transition from Subjugation to Independence (Tracing India’ s Footprints)’ (2020).  He is a Distinguished Fellow (South Caucasus) Tillotoma Foundation.

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Deciphering Nancy Pelosi’s Visit to Armenia

The US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a Congressional delegation to Armenia on 17th September 2022. She is the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Armenia since the Republic achieved its independence in 1991 in the wake of the collapse of the USSR. Pelosi’s visit is her se

Nancy Peloci’s Avoidable Visit to Taiwan: Fall Out

The controversial visit to Taiwan (2nd August 2022) by the US Speaker, House of Representatives, Nancy Peloci is over but has left some questions unanswered. Meanwhile, the visit’s fall out is unfolding. The visit came in the background of the deteriorating relations between China and the USA c

Controversial Remarks on Prophet Mohammed: External Dimensions of its Fall Out

The controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammed made by Nupur Sharma, the official spokesperson of the ruling party (BJP) and by Naveen Kumar Jindal, the BJP’s media head of Delhi Unit, have stirred the proverbial hornets’ nest both at home and abroad. This was bound to happen. For India is home t

Diminishing Role of Russia in Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict: A Fall Out of Russia-Ukraine War?

Armenia is once again facing a serious political crisis. Street protests are being held to demand PM Nikol Pasinyan’s resignation who in popular perception is on the verge of making several concessions to neighbouring Azerbaijan, particularly over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh for which the two co

The Rise and Fall of Imran Khan: What Next?

The now former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was eventually voted out of power through a vote of no-confidence even though he made his level best efforts to avoid the humiliation. Yet again a civilian Prime Minister in Pakistan failed to complete a five-year term. However, he will be remembe

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Crisis or Conspiracy

The on-going Russia-Ukraine conflict has raised several pertinent questions which need a valid explanation.  First and foremost, with the demise of the USSR in 1990 and resultant dismantlement of the WARSAW PACT (the Soviet led military alliance pitched against the US-led NATO) and the end of cold

Russia-China Axis: Consolidation of Global Geo-strategic Polarisation

President Putin's recent visit (4th February) to China and its overall outcome has further consolidated the global geo-political and geo-strategic polarisation, the contours of which had emerged some years ago. The visit assumes particular significance in the context of strained relations between Ch