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‘Gaza on brink of full-blown collapse’: UN agency director

Fri, 08 Dec 2023   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tel Aviv [Israel], December 8 (ANI): The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said on Friday that Gaza is on the brink of full-blown collapse as civil order is breaking down in the region, The Times of Israel reported.
UNRWA director Thomas White shared a post on his official social media on X, stating, “Civil order is breaking down in #Gaza – the streets feel wild, particularly after dark – some aid convoys are being looted and UN vehicles stoned. Society is on the brink of full-blown collapse.”
He further restated that the organisation will continue to serve those in need with the aid they have.
“UNRWA continues to serve the population with what limited aid we have,” the post added.

The fighting in the Gaza Strip continues, as the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) reported that about 450 targets were attacked in the last day.
The Israel Air Force, it said, eliminated many terrorists in Khan Yunis and Israeli naval forces attacked and destroyed the terrorist infrastructure of the terrorist organisation Hamas.
Moreover, according to the Israel Defence Forces, IAF aircraft neutralised numerous terrorists in a series of precise strikes.
Meanwhile, three terrorists were struck by a UAV, whereas two were eliminated and the third one revealed the location of other terrorists preparing to launch rocket fire at our forces.
Additionally, they were all neutralised in a series of aerial strikes, according to the IDF.
Elad Goren, from Israel’s COGAT military liaison, said Israeli authorities have identified roughly 150 shelters in Gaza that the IDF will not target during its ongoing operations in Gaza.
Furthermore, these shelters, according to Goren, are in addition to the al-Mawasi neighbourhood, which has not been attacked by the IDF despite terror organisations firing rockets from within the 20-square-kilometer coastline safe zone.
The shelters are schools and other public property whose coordinates have been sent along by the UN to Israel via the IDF’s freshly beefed-up deconfliction system, said Goren.
According to a senior COGAT official, the 150 structures will remain secure for residents until adjustments in IDF operations, reported The Times of Israel.
In recent days, US authorities have stated that even though Israel has extended some safe zones, some Palestinians who have fled to them are still being targeted. (ANI)

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