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Drugs and Guns Invade Lakshadweep

Dr G Shreekumar Menon, IRS, (Rtd) PhD (Narcotics)
Sat, 29 May 2021   |  Reading Time: 5 minutes

Drugs and Guns Invade Lakshadweep

On March 05th 2021, Indian Coast Guard ships and aircraft intercepted a Sri Lankan vessel Akarsha Duwa with six crew off Minicoy Island. Upon questioning, the crew confessed to carrying 200 kg high grade Heroin and 60 kg of Hashish, which was jettisoned in the sea on sighting the Coast Guard ships.

On March 18th 2021, the Coast Guard, had intercepted three vessels on suspicion, and after rummaging, recovered drugs and guns from one of the vessels. The value of the drugs has been estimated at Rs.3000 crores.  Five AK 47 rifles with 1000 live rounds were also seized. The 19 crew members were detained for further interrogation.

The vessel which was seized on the 05th of March had left Sri Lanka from Chilaw, 80 kms away from Colombo and the other three seized on the 15th of March had left from Tangalle, about 195 km south of Colombo.

In November 2020, Coast Guard had intercepted Sri Lankan boat Shenaya Duwa, and recovered narcotic drugs and guns worth about Rs.1000/ crores, near Tuticorin from a Sri Lankan boat. 99 packets of Heroin, 20 boxes of synthetic drugs, a Thuraya set and five 9mm pistols were recovered.


The strategic location of Lakshadweep islands cannot be lost sight off. Lakshadweep is an archipelago in the Arabian sea, 200 to 440 km off the southwestern Malabar coast of India. It is a Union Territory (without legislature) of India. The Lakshadweep consists of 36 islands. But currently there are 35 islands, as one island is submerged in water due to sea erosion. The islands form the smallest union territory of India and their total surface area is only 32 km.

Strategically these islands are of immense importance to India. The spread of these islands has bestowed upon India 20,000 sq. km. of territorial waters and approximately 400,000 sq. km. of Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). But what should be rattling the Indian Defence Ministry is the recent Chinese ingress into Sri Lanka. China has acquired a controlling stake in the Hambantota Port Project, and the Colombo Port City special economic zone (SEZ).  The threatening, new Chinese presence is barely 290 km from the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula – Kanya Kumari, and we hear the news of this massive drugs and guns trafficking into Lakshadweep.

Looking back into History, will we see a re-enactment, very soon, of the Chinese naval foray into Calicut, that took place in 1406 CE? History books are silent about the fearful seven-footer Mongol Muslim Zheng He, who landed in Calicut with his formidable flotilla. He reportedly commanded a fleet of 317 ships, and about 28,000 men. He oversaw seven voyages to Calicut between 1406 CE to 1433 CE.  Apparently, he died at Calicut in 1433 CE and was presumably buried at sea by his staff. The Chinese conducted much of the trade with the Arabs using Calicut port as their base. The Chinese take pride in their History, except for the period of the Opium Wars, when the combined British-Indian forces devastated them using the might of the Opium poppy plant. There are many shrines dedicated to Admiral Zheng He, in China, who towards the end of his life leaned more towards Buddhism. The constantly expanding Chinese footprint in Sri Lanka and Maldives, is deeply inspired by History. President Xi Jinping harbours grandiose ambitions of extending the Chinese territory far and wide, unopposed by any nation. He is planning a big offensive naval arc, extending from Bay of Bengal-Indian Ocean-Arabian sea. India has a lot of homework to do. But, what needs immediate attention is to trace the drug-recipient groups operating in Lakshadweep.

The value of the drugs seized just during the period November 2020 to March 31st 2021 is a whopping Rs.5000 crores! Compare this figure with the annual Budget allocation for 2021-22 for Lakshadweep which is Rs.1349.71 crores. Almost three times the annual budget is the value of drug trafficking for a period of just 5 months. Within a limited surface area of around 32 km, the drug trafficking turnover is around Rs.5000 crores. Add to this the value and quantum of fire arms seized; everything adds up to an astronomical figure. With this kind of hush-hush money being generated, Hawala and money laundering should also be happening on a large scale.  The hitherto cocooned archipelago is suddenly in the spotlight, as its dark underbelly is exposed. No wonder that an orchestrated campaign has been quickly set in motion to ‘save Lakshadweep’. Twitter has also chipped in with ‘Let India Breathe’ campaign, critical about the development plans for the island. There is no problem if Maldives, Seychelles, Bali islands are developed to attract tourists, but Lakshadweep embarking on tourist development activities is to be vehemently opposed. Mercifully, speculation is also rife in  some sections of the media that this instantly organized campaign is a red herring – meant to deflect attention from the sheer magnitude of the  drugs an guns seizure.

In order to have a comprehensive understanding of the peculiar dynamics of the drugs & guns clandestine trafficking happening in Lakshadweep, it is necessary to open independent offices of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Central Bureau of Narcotics (CBN), Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), and Enforcement Directorate (ED), there. There is a clear geographical shift in the drug trafficking route into India. Sri Lankan boats ferrying drugs and guns into remote Lakshadweep is going to be a great challenge for enforcement agencies to unravel. The greater challenge is to trace how these drugs and guns wended their way into the Indian mainland, and the Organized Crime Groups (OCGs) that received this bounty, and how the Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) participated. Also, more important, how was the enormous sums of money that has been generated, has been integrated into the financial system? To unravel this transnational crime, identify, disrupt, and dismantle the drug traffickers, arms traffickers and money launderers, India will have to employ an intelligence-driven, multi-agency approach.  This excellent detection and interdiction by the Coast Guard, has the potential to become one of the largest maritime drug investigations ever in India.

The idyllic landscape of Lakshadweep is hiding dark secrets and dangerous conspiracies. Something shady is happening on the sunny beaches of Lakshadweep.



Dr G Shreekumar Menon, IRS, (Rtd) PhD (Narcotics) is Former Director General, National Academy of Customs Indirect Taxes and Narcotics, & Multi-Disciplinary School Of Economic Intelligence India, Fellow, James Martin Center For Non Proliferation Studies, USA. Fellow, Centre for International Trade & Security, University of Georgia, USA , Public Administration, Maxwell School of Public Administration, Syracuse University, U.S.A., AOTS Scholar, Japan.


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Aug 02, 2021
we have to share this app as much as we can to break the fake narrative building of some mainstream newspapers and TV channels

Doraiswami Sukumar

Jun 01, 2021
It is a huge revelation. We have to watch out for Srilankan behaviour in the coming months, with more and more Chinese influence seeping iton SL. We already have a handful in our north, northeastern and northwestern borders. Now we have a new threat in the southwestern region too. It is a big challenge to the sovereignty of our country. We have to come out of petty politics and get into serious business and save the virgin islands of Lakshdweep from drugs and weapons. Many many thanks to Dr. Shreekumar Menon.


May 30, 2021
Thanks for writing this. Great article!

Parag Makhecha

May 30, 2021
Dr. Shreekumar Menon, You always come up with some interesting reads.


May 30, 2021
Absolutely, out of the blue. It's capturing the minds. This needs webbing out much more security and social media awareness. I personally thank Mr Menon for explaining the gravity of the situation and clearing the government actions as valid for the so called unyielding public.

Jayaraj J

May 30, 2021
I recently had the good fortune of reading your article regarding the dangerous situation of Lakshwadeep. It was well-written .In fact, It was a very scary situation. You pointed out several things.I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thank you. Jaya

Arjun Banerjee

May 30, 2021
The author provides a holistic and succinct overview of the dangers facing Lakshadweep. Eye-opening! Kudos to him.

Rajan Mishra

May 29, 2021
oh that's why Indian Govt bringing laws in lakhsdweep I thought again Govt is going to make huge mistakes to affect this island but now I understand whatever this Govt do behind this they have proper reason thank you sir For writing such a informative article

Bhamy V shenoy

May 29, 2021
Absolutely fascinating to read the article about Chinese trade from Calicut. Who would have thought that drug trafficking can generate such an enormous amount. Hopefully government would pay more attention and develop a sound strategy to stop such trade in the future.

Mohan Kumar Naranthatta

May 29, 2021
A prominent person who held one of the highest posts in Customs & NCCB, Dr Menon enlightened the readers how dangerously the island was misused for anti national activities. Definitely a deep rooted conspiracy is set in motion under the patronage of the red China who dared to unleash the third world war with their lab made corona virus!

Kumar Arunesh

May 29, 2021
Thank you for detail report in Lakshdweep... It is very appreciative... GoI must take some solid steps to stop all this rather bothering about vote bank or politics. A small negligence can be a reason of big mishappen inside the territory of India. India is already surrounded by enemy in visible or invisible way... It is very scary situation in the island... People should also look it as a national threat rather religious angle... A small negligence, 26/11 was happened... Hope, GoI must take a robust step to secure national security.. Thank you Gaurav Sir and his team... Nice initiative... All the best...


May 29, 2021
It is a matter of serious concern that in the recent times drugs and arms to the tune of thousands of crores have been trafficked in to Lakshadeep fro the Srilankan side. It is a threat to INDIAN economy and the security of our Nation. The money generated would be definitely used for antinational activities. It is high time that our central Government take a serious note of it and establishes independent offices of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Central Bureau of Narcotics (CBN), Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), and Enforcement Directorate (ED), in Lakshadeep, as suggested by the author. Sri Lankan boats ferrying drugs and guns into remote Lakshadweep is going to be a great challenge for the enforcement agencies.


May 29, 2021
This is really worrying.If this amount of drugs get in to the mainland then I can't imagine the impact it will have on the youth..


May 29, 2021
Very tricky and dangerous situation both in Laccadives and Sri Lanka. While the cocktail of Guns and Drugs are being prepared in Laccadives, China is brewing much more dangerous things in Sri Lanka. Our government investigating agencies should keep a close watch .

Sukumari Menon

May 29, 2021
The extremely dangerous situation in Lakshadweep has been very explicitly brought out by the author The govt should deal with the situation with a firm hand and go ahead with its plans to completely revamp the present situation of the island Let us stand by the govt in this hour of great danger

Remani Gopinath

May 29, 2021
Very dangerous scenario in Lakshadweep islands. Central government has lots of work to do to enhance the security infrastructure.

Kamal sharma

May 29, 2021
well who cares for islands don't you think govt has more important issues to address like 2022 states elections and Lok sabha elections 2024 2029 2034

Dhanya B

May 29, 2021
The amount of information in the article is incredible. General public should be made aware of the situation


May 29, 2021
I really enjoyed reading the above article. Very informative and interesting

prasanta Kumar Mohanty

May 29, 2021
The author has drawn attention to a problem which is currently unfolding in a most hideous manner. We hope the present government at Centre being very alert to such designs would not be lacking in both political willpower and resources.

Rakesh Kumar

May 29, 2021
please make provision to increase the font size, I've to use magnifying glass to read your articles, which is bit inconvenient, thanks and regards ❤

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