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American Deep State Out to Sabotage India-USA Relationship?

Cdr Sandeep Dhawan (Retd) Fri, 14 Oct 2022   |  Reading Time: 6 minutes

Recently the US embassy in Islamabad went on a social media overdrive. In a series of tweets over three days, they highlighted the US ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome’s 2-4 October visit to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). This was the second high-profile visit by any U.S. official since April. Despite knowing the sensitivities associated with PoK, Blome not only visited PoK but also kept calling it Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). The controversy had not even died down when German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock added fuel to the fire by uttering — Germany has a role and responsibility with regard to the situation of Kashmir.

The $450 million F-16 fighter jet fleet sustainment program for Pakistan, as well as these utterances by various U.S. and Western officials, are not just plain provocations but a well-thought-out strategy to keep India off balance.

Indian Institute for Mass Communication in its media journal Communicator shows how western media outlets such as Washington Post, The New York Times, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, The Guardian, and many others are used by the western governments to portray India with divisive and negative reporting repeatedly. They hover short of being racist on Indian culture and religion, but their primary target remains the Indian government.

The Indian External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar responded to the unnecessary U.S. provocations — “It’s really for the United States today to reflect on the merits of the U.S.-Pak relationship and what they get by it. When you are talking of an aircraft like a capability of an F-16 that everybody knows, you know where they are deployed and their use. You are not fooling anybody by saying these things.”

The Flawed American Thinking

U.S. President Biden lacks bonhomie with Indian Prime Minister Modi. This has further pushed his administration on a flawed “one step forward, two steps backward” trajectory.

David Moschella is a non-resident senior fellow at ITIF. In April 2021, he co-authored a report, “India Is an Essential Counterweight to China—and the Next Great U.S. Dependency.” The writers presented four relationship scenarios between India and the USA — India as a market, India as a supplier, India as a global player, and India as a competitor.

From the recent American activities, it seems several people in the Biden administration have started concentrating on the last scenario and started treating India as a threat, even before the relationship could blossom. Are they trying to sabotage the association for the sake of their personal business interests in China, or are there some other motives? Only time will tell. Because these actions are against the U.S. national interests, they would not jeopardize a well-crafted relationship for over 20 years, just over a few comments by the Indian officials.

It is a known fact that for over 50 years, the India-U.S. relationship was never on an even keel; however, the March 2000 visit of President Bill Clinton to India turned a new chapter in the relationship. The two countries never looked back after that. So why, all of a sudden, a flurry of anti-India activities against indispensable India in almost all the Western nations? Write-ups in their newspapers, terrorism and rioting against Hindus in the U.K., pushing the Khalistan agenda in the U.K. and Canada, and Germany’s ridiculous and untimely demand for the resolution of the Kashmir issue is a clearcut indication of the rise of anti-India activities.

Important Relationship Milestones India-USA

Following are some of the critical steps both countries took in the last two decades:

  • 2002 agreement to safeguard shared military information
  • 2005 President Bush’s visit
  • 2008 signing of 123 agreement (famously known as the US-India Civil Nuclear Agreement)
  • 2010 first U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: India is an indispensable partner. President Obama: the relationship will be a defining partnership in the twenty-first century
  • 2010 and 2015 President Obama’s visit and Obama’s backing of India’s bid to the United Nations Security Council
  • 2020 President Trump’s visit
  • Some Agreements and Memorandums:

All Promises No Substance

Despite various initiatives and sweet-talking in the last decade or so, there has been hardly any real progress on the ground. Some of the initiatives that are stuck in the American bureaucratic process are:

  • Next-generation Raven Mini UAVs — Low tech and rejected by the Indian Army
  • Roll-on and roll-off kits for C-130 transport aircraft
  • Mobile electric hybrid power source systems and protector kits against chemical, bio, and nuclear fallout
  • Jet engine technology collaboration for future indigenous fighter aircraft, no transfer-of-technology (ToT), instead the US pushed for a ready-made aircraft
  • Air-launched Small Unmanned Systems
  • Light Weight Small Arms Technology
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance (ISTAR)
  • Maritime Domain Awareness Solution
  • Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality for Aircraft Maintenance (VAMRAM)
  • Terrain Shaping Obstacle
  • Counter-UAS, Rocket, Artillery & Mortar (CURAM)

Additionally, four defence sub-groups were created to speed up the process of cooperation:

  • Land Systems
  • Naval Systems
  • Air Systems
  • Aircraft Carrier Technology Cooperation

On the technology and trade front, the initiatives remain just the acronyms:

  • US-India Strategic Tech Alliance (USISTA)
  • US-India Artificial Intelligence (USIAI) Initiative
  • India-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) Initiative
  • Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI)
  • High Technology Cooperation Group (HTCG)
  • Strategic Trade Authorization (STA)
  • Industrial Security Annex (ISA)

From the preceding, it is amply clear that India and the U.S. have had plenty of dialogues and pacts but no real work on the ground. A decade is a long time; the United States has not taken any concrete steps to indicate its sincerity. This has added to the frustration of the Indian leadership. The situation reminds me of a famous dialogue from Indian movie star Sunny Deol’s movie ‘Damini’: “Tarikh par tarikh, milti rahi hai … lekin insaaf nahi mila my lord, insaaf nahi mila (date after date but no justice my lord).

You Can’t Ignore India Any More

It doesn’t take a trained eye to conclude which is the most important nation in the Quad that can take on China in the future. The United States has to relook at the advisers who are misguiding the American leadership of going against India. It is amply clear that despite Japan’s technical acumen and Australia’s abundant natural resources, none of them have the ability, geographical location, military might, and technically skilled workforce to help out the U.S. in a future conflict with China.

The post-pandemic recovery in India has been exceptionally well handled, along with the high economic growth rate as predicted by the IMF. This should have bolstered the United States to strengthen the relationship rather than sabotage it. India and the U.S. should have partnered with new vigor to reduce their dependence on China rather than becoming competitors.

In the last decade, India has taken significant steps to shed the “world’s back office” image. It has progressed well in research and development, innovation centers, machine learning, analytics, product design and testing, and other areas, especially IT and life sciences.

India’s World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business ranking has improved from 142 in 2015 to 63 (out of 190 countries) in 2022. Institute of Management Development’s (IMD) 2022 annual World Competitiveness Index has shown steady growth for India, ranking 37 out of 63-nation list. The exports, presently at $400 billion, will likely jump substantially to one trillion by next year.

The United States, as an advanced nation, has to show some concrete steps to Indian leadership and the public. The $145 billion of India-U.S. trade is equivalent to just 0.6% of their combined GDP. Whereas China-U.S. trade, which was $736 billion in 2018, is 2.3% of their combined GDP or four times larger than India US trade. This is a considerable gap, which promises scope for improvement, and at the same time, casts doubt on the U.S. intent. Why do the numbers not corroborate with the intent and promises?

The world’s reputed professionals have been vouching for India for a long time. The professor of South Asia studies at Johns Hopkins University, Joshua T. White, in his white paper, says — the Middle East and the western Pacific have been the U.S. priority until now. Still, South Asia is emerging as one of the most active new competitive domains in which China is rapidly expanding its influence. Chinese infrastructure and port investments in South Asia under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), some of which may have military utility and could be a real threat in the future.


Strangely, since the re-emergence of the Quad in 2017, the group is finding it hard to identify a foundational philosophy. India is the only country among the Quad members that directly shares a disputed land border with Tibet (China). Therefore, India doesn’t want to be seen as part of an arrangement that is overtly against China, and despite that, it stands with the Quad. Three facts emerge from this sentence — India feels most threatened by China, India understands that Quad would not come to fight an India-China war, and India feels confident to handle the situation independently.

The United States is the key to the whole issue. It has to take the lead and set the agenda of the Quad. Today, the group’s energy is scattered on various concerns, including terrorism, climate change, COVID-19, etc. But the future of Quad is only an alliance to subdue China. The four leaders may ignore that fact as much as they like.

To sum it up, the United States needs to do the following:

  • Urgently need to improve its image in India, which is at its nadir. Assure the masses with its action that the U.S. is a dependable partner.
  • Facilitate India in a leadership role in international institutions. That would reduce the space available to China to monopolize economic or security ties with countries in the Indo-Pacific. This would also limit China’s ability to coerce India and other states in South Asia.
  • Help India modernize its military to meet the demand for systems that can be networked across domains in a modern war.
  • India could be the fifth largest economy in the world, but still, it lacks the fiscal space due to much of the defence budget being committed to pay and pension. Therefore, self-reliance is the only option available to India. The U.S. must partner with India to set up defence industries to help it achieve those goals.
  • Last but not least, the U.S. has to understand that India has seven decades-long relationship and military dependence on Russia. It cannot do away with it in a jiffy.

A strong India is not a threat to any nation; instead, it could become USA’s most trusted ally in the region. A strong India would be a deterrence to China’s hegemonic, ambitious, and dangerous designs in the Indo-Pacific” ~ Insightful Geopolitics


A veteran of the Indian Navy, Cdr Dhawan served in the Navy from 1988 to 2009. He was a Maritime Reconnaissance Pilot and a Flying Instructor. He is a geopolitical analyst and writes for various online websites and organizations.


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D'Nanda Panda

Oct 29, 2022
As ever, Commander, informative and balanced. Our current positioning - or lack thereof - is infuriating. I'm hoping that changes after midterm elections in the US will bring restoration to the relationship with India as a strategic partner.

Col Sailesh Kumar(Retd)

Oct 20, 2022
Excellent article. Very well explained with convincing facts. A must read for all.


Oct 19, 2022
In hushed whispers it is said the ChiComs derailed actor Richard Gere’s career after his “free Tibet” comment at the Oscars (or some major and televised awards show) way back when. The West needs to wake up and jump in bed with India at the same time. Finally, please do not allow military-to-military Theater Security Cooperation activities such as Exercise SHATRUJEET to be shut down by the US State Department.


Oct 19, 2022
Biden is in the tank for China and his State Department's "fast movers" know where their bread is buttered. Military-to-Military engagements are the best means to ensure long-term alliances between modern nations. Please do not let Theater Security Cooperation activities such as Exercise SHATRUJEET die on the vine.

Michael Newberry

Oct 16, 2022
Sandeep, excellent and perceptive piece. Geopolitics is out of my field of study, but you are a good guide. I read every word. What I do know is that America is postmodern in its Universities, Arts, Politics, and Social Media. Postmodernism is like the crazed king Shahryār of the Thousand and One Nights, drunk on power and took incomprehensible decisions. An interesting thing to look for, is that the American gov is infiltrated by the deepstate, and two of their objectives are to destroy the American Constitution, and continue a blackop on the American psyche. Postmodernism, aesthetically (my field) is consistently anti-art. Art elitists will promote anything that is disgusting and anti-value, except for money laundering and as a negative PsyOp. This indicates that the American spirit is messed up, and should be treated like the saying: prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Thank you for the work you do, a wonderful feeling a fresh air sanity. Michael

Bhalachandra Shirolkar

Oct 15, 2022
I think, after advent of Biden as US President, relationship between two countries have mellowed down. It was at peak point during Trump administration. US will ignore India in its own peril.... Indian is now strong and going strong.

Chanchal Chakraborti

Oct 15, 2022
Interesting Geo Dynamics so well high lighted and reason for the ever brewing tension between three neighbouring states. This night doesn’t seem to have a dawn being played out to the hilt. Lots of deft manoeuvres in store for the PM and EAM. Hopefully our nation shall prevail finally to turn a new leaf in world order.


Oct 15, 2022
Well researched article on Indo- US relationship. High time for the US to believe in stronger India and its power.

Capt Vinod Sivadasan (Indian Navy Veteran)

Oct 15, 2022
Nice article Sandeep sir. USA is always looking at economic gain and will never have longtime friendship with anyone. Depending on the prevailing world order will pick friends so as gain economically. It will continue to wage / support wars to prevent a peaceful world order thereby continue to sell its weapons. The only way ahead for us is to self reliant on all facets of the economy and have good reserves. Looking forward to your next article Sandeep sir

Wendell Bruges

Oct 15, 2022
Though I am from the west, I understand what you are saying. I fail to understand some of the actions my government takes.

Cdr Ravi Mathews

Oct 15, 2022
A good article.US is using India for their military sales.

Cdr Deepak Singh

Oct 14, 2022
Jaisi karni wasi bharni. Just like a family, who want to get better than the other. Very nice post. Waiting for your next. Shared as usual.

Air Mshl S P Singh

Oct 14, 2022
Very well researched and equally well curated write up. Essentially, post WW 2 the US has worked relentlessely to maintain its unipolarity.It has successfully created narratives of spread of communism, authoritarianism, human rights, WMDs et al to contain n constrain any power considered inimical to their interests. However,progress of time brought progress to many countries esp in the Middle East n Asia.Ushering China out of the bamboo curtain n enabling it has created results way beyond US's imagination,where it is now like a peer power,threatening US hegemony. The only way to contain China despite inumerable sanctions is to create alliances like QUAD,AUKUS and enable SE Asian powers like S Korea,Japan n Phillipines etc. India, because of our long standing unresolved boudaries with China becomes a default sword to contain China.But to their chagrin the present Govt is unwilling to tow their line and maintains strategic autonomy. Thus, the present fussilafe of anti India rhetoric. Another driver is to twist our arm to go for F 15 XEs for IAF n F 18s for Carriers with an attendant largess of F 414 engines for LCA Mk 2.

Raman Gupta

Oct 14, 2022
A deep dive into the deep state's agenda. All the recommendations are perfectly logical and doable, but for the vested interests.


Oct 14, 2022
That's just what the US does It's there way of creating business opportunity Not a new thing The main aim is not to destabilize India or anyone else The main aim is to sell Weapons Arms & Ammunition US of A is nobody's friend & EVERYONE'S FOE INDIRECTLY CONTROLLED BY THE ZIONIST, They will sell THEIR OWN MOTHER TO MEET THEIR OWN NEEDS - GIVE WEAPONS IN AID AND COLLECT MONEY FROM THE UN !!!!

Hemant Kumar

Oct 14, 2022
Sandeep analyses exceptionally well. The world needs to change from an economy of oil and war mongering to sustain nations. Nostradamus will prevail......

Gp Capt TR Ravi VM (Ret'd)

Oct 14, 2022
Its no brainer to understand that US would never want the rest of the world to bias towards emerging India. Its upon the Indian bureaucracy to impress upon US to gain their confidence. Excellent article by Cdr Sandeep to highlight the evolving change in US intent.

Mohit Chaturvedi

Oct 14, 2022
Great article.. well researched.. A few points for consideration- 1. US Deep State has traditionally had more control over the Democrats than the Republicans. 2. Deep state aims at world hegemony.. US govt is just a tool for that. 3. Thus US has never been interested in winning wars.. basic flaw in our assumptions.. rather is interested in just elongating them.. that way they gain stupendously. 4. They use every state big or small to keep the neighbouring states under check. Qatar is used against Afghanistan .. which is used against Pakistan..which is used against India.. which is used against China.. which is used against Russia.. so on and so forth. Thus .. they have no favorites..equal malice for all with just one aim.. to have total dominance. 5. With this background the only change in the near past has been Indian stance towards the ongoing Russian - Ukrainian conflict.. which explains sudden spike in animosity levels in all western media houses and German state..the closest US ally. 6. I believe India committed a blunder by going for cheap oil.. a few billion dollars saved and decades of progress lost in securing a permanent seat at the UN.

B Raja

Oct 14, 2022
The world today is, where it is, only and solely due to the systems and structures created by the USA. Every single country in the world today stands / limps / lies - wherever it is - owing to the acts of the USA. If this is not accepted then no discussion will be fruitful. The USA is a 'modern' day country born out of european 'rebels'. It's contributions to the 'modern' world is unparalleled. It has produced some great modern day thinkers, philanthropists and social enabler. However, deep down, it is a country devoid of a 'soul'. The American dream is unabashedly based on money and material. Profits at all costs, survival at all costs and to remain relevant at all cost is the anthem the USA. That is the true lure of the USA. 'At all costs' means at ALL costs. The best socialist brains, the well meaning, the 'good folks' are all living or surviving and dependent on the 'soulless' consumerism. But at its heart, the USA is true and unabashed in its dreams desire and aspirations to remain on top at all costs. It is THIS explosive cocktail of capitalistic ethos which attracts people from the world over. Alas, the spiritual context is completely absent as it is in complete conflict with the capitalistic culture. The complete absence of a continuous historic culture keeps it in a 'need to survive at all costs' mode. Those who wiped out the natives and furthered slavery shall never be able to wash off the sins. No progress, no advancement, nothing will keep it ahead forever. Scenario: The USA (formed out of the European 'rebels') is now headed the same path its predecessors (read Europeans). The world conflict with USA, thus, is the one with the states with a continuum of 'culture' from time immemorial. Every single country which has a history of being colonized (for riches) or for colonized (to pave the way for riches), today, are wanting to confront the greatmess of the USA. To be absolutely honest, that these countries can even think of standing up to the USA is borne out of the the largesse of the USA itself. But then that is the nature of the world, the cycle of life of nations. The need to understand that the USA has furthered nothing other than the 'I, me, myself'. No friendships, no morals, no scruples, no beliefs. The extreme of 'friendships are transient but (USA's) interest are permanent' has remained on display explicitly. However, the collective souls of countries with a 'continuous culture' / ethos/ values, will inevitably show up their hurt. That, is the 'soul of nations' that is absent in the USA. Therefore, India, a recent friend of the USA must be guarded, cautious, wary of the USA: for the USA is a PERFECT example of fair weather friend.

Narinder Pal Singh Hora

Oct 14, 2022
Very aptly laid the facts of Indo-US relationship. In my view, US can never be trusted or depended upon by India. They like to support only those whom they can arm twist or can have their hold on. They know that India can't be bullied or swayed to their desires. India has to tread cautiously and ensure that the right balance is maintained between the US and India's oldest dependable friend, Russia as far as relationship is concerned. Another great article , Sandeep

Aninda Mukherjee

Oct 14, 2022
Insightful. Well articulated.


Oct 14, 2022
An excellent article covering the INDO-US Relations.US need to take formidable steps to better their relationship with India as a dependable equal partner.However I feel that India need to guard against the anti India agenda being being pushed by western media .INDIA is progressive and growing at a fast pace and Indian growth is UNSTOPPABLE.


Oct 14, 2022
Excellent article so very well covered Sandy. The US is no one's friend. It's an opportunistic country and it will remain one. The recent statements by EAM were avoidable. An emerging country like India can follow whichever path it chooses but to make loud announcements at the highest level to provoke America from whom we have in the recent past purchased most defence equipment and having 2 Rogues as our neighbours is taking the only Super power for granted. If we scream anymore they may squeeze us with export of the Military hardware which we have now become dependent upon. So if we wanted to buy oil or missiles from Russia just buy but don't brag. Over and above this our media has a flawed habit of Chest thumping and project India as the next potential superpower. I think we should just put our head down and become self reliant in Defence before sloganeering which is all we are good at now while few sectors like Space and IT have shown our potential and brain power. "Baap se hathyaar bhi lo aur gaali bhi dho" philosophy needs to be introspected.

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