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When the Hunters Became the Hunted: The Galwan Valour

Cdr Sandeep Dhawan (Retd)
Mon, 14 Jun 2021   |  Reading Time: 7 minutes

When the Hunters Became the Hunted: The Galwan Valour

On the fateful night of 15 June 2020, the infamous Galwan Valley reverberated with 16 Bihar regiment’s war cry ‘Bajrang Bali ki Jai’ & ‘Birsa Munda Ki Jai’. The war cry had followed an extraordinary event. The Chinese treachery and disregard for Corps Commander level talks and agreement had led to the death of the Commanding Officer (CO) of 16 Bihar, Colonel B Santosh Babu.

A few days before the clash, a Chinese observation post had come upon the Indian side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The Chinese were made aware of this fact and as per the agreement, the Chinese dismantled the post. However, on 14 June 2020, the camp re-emerged overnight. Indians were about to witness General Zhao Zhongqi, the Commander of the Western Theatre Command’s sinister and cowardly designs.

On the eve of 15 June 2020, Colonel Babu decided to personally inspect the campsite. The Indian team of around 35 men accompanied the Commanding Officer. On reaching the area, the Indian team discovered that the Chinese troops at the campsite weren’t the regular PLA troops they had been dealing with. Right from the beginning, it was evident that the new Chinese troops were following a script. They started showing aggression, the moment the Indian team arrived. When Colonel Babu enquired about the observation post, the Chinese soldiers became abusive and one soldier pushed Colonel Babu.

As per the reports, General Zhao Zhongqi had directed that the Commanding Officer of 16 Bihar was to be targeted. The Chinese assumed that if the Commanding Officer is removed, the unit would get demoralized and crumble. But they were in for a surprise. The Chinese were pushed back and soon a fistfight ensued. The Indian side prevailed and the Chinese were pushed back to their side within 30 minutes. The Chinese camp was dismantled and burnt to ashes.

Colonel Babu, sensing the bigger game at play sent the injured men back and asked for the backup. By the time additional forces arrived, it was dark. The new set of Chinese troops waiting on the banks of the Galwan river as well as on the ridges started hurling stones. As per design one such stone was aimed at Colonel Babu. He was struck on the head and he fell into the Galwan River.

The Chinese troops had come well prepared with metal spiked clubs and barbed-wire-wrapped rods. The Indian soldiers were fighting barehanded, with rocks or snatched Chinese weapons of treachery. The fighting lasted under one hour with a large number of casualties on both sides. When the forces ran out of energy, a large number of bodies of Indian and Chinese troops were floating in the Galwan river. The Indian Commanding Officer, Colonel B Santosh Babu was one among them.

Soon the Ghatak platoons from the 16 Bihar and Punjab Regiment arrived to ensure no further surprises from belligerent China. Indian troops moved across the LAC. Every Indian soldier displayed exceptional grit and courage, in the face of betrayal and belligerence.

One outstanding account of bravery and valour is about a young Ghatak commando (name withheld). He despite all odd fought bravely and killed 12 Chinese soldiers, single-handedly. When four Chinese soldiers cornered him, he pushed all four, one by one off the cliff. While pushing them down, he slipped off the cliff. His fall was arrested by a boulder, gravely injuring him. However, the fall and the injuries didn’t deter him. He pulled himself back to the fight and started fighting with the Chinese again. When he got a chance, he snatched a barbed wired stick from a Chinese soldier. Thereafter there was no stopping him. He killed seven more Chinese with their own weapon of treachery. In the melee, the brave heart was stabbed from behind by a cowardly Chinese soldier. The grievously injured Ghatak swung around killing the attacker before making the supreme sacrifice.

With mounting casualties, Chinese soldiers panicked and ran towards the safety of their unit across the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The Indian soldiers chased them for over a kilometre. However, across the LAC they were outnumbered and some of them were captured. They were among those who were released the next day. By doing so the Chinese were not being benevolent, the Indian Army had also captured several Chinese soldiers and they were released along with Indian soldiers.

The Indian troops had reportedly unleashed a reign of terror, unheard of in modern military history. The Chinese treachery was not a by chance happening. It was a well-planned attack with the blessings of the highest authorities among the CCP. General Zhao had approved the operation. He had previously expressed concerns to the political leadership that China is appearing weak in front of New Delhi and its ally United States. As per sources he had directed PLA units in the region to “teach India a lesson.” As per a Chinese source, the whole game plan was being monitored and directed by the Chinese drones.

Huge losses of Chinese lives had put leadership in a huddle. Instead of teaching India a lesson, General Zhao’s plan had failed miserably and they got a lesson in bravery and valour from Indian soldiers.

India, after assessing the situation declared that 20 Indian brave hearts, including the Commanding Officer, had made the supreme sacrifice. The Chinese side was in shock and mum about the whole incident. On 22 June 2020, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian refused to divulge the number of Chinese casualties. In the subsequent press conferences, he kept playing the same broken record that he is not aware of the number of casualties. Apropos, Zhao Lijian is the same person who had given a step-by-step, detailed, one-sided Chinese version of the Galwan clash soon after the incident.

In the absence of any confirmed figure of casualties on the Chinese side, social media was abuzz with various numbers and theories. A United States intelligence assessment put the figure at 35, Russian news agency TASS put the figure at 45, Indian social media reported up to 100 Chinese casualties, citing various websites like kreately.in, and pratyaksha.com. Another Indian geopolitical website insightful.co.in put the figures at 111, which included killed and the gravely injured.

In an article in ‘The Washington Post’, Jianli Yang, the founder and president of Citizen Power Initiatives for China, wrote that “Beijing fears that admitting that it had lost troops, that too more in number than its opponent, could lead to major domestic unrest that can even put the regime of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at stake.” Indian social media latched onto this revelation and attributed the count of 100 to the former Chinese military official and son of a leader in the CCP.

The PLA officials had their agenda cut out. To confuse India, they kept passing unofficial figures to Indian officials, ranging from 4 to 14 during the recess of various official talks. Finally, in February 2021, China divulged the number of Chinese soldiers lost in the Galwan clash, and immediately became the butt of jokes on Chinese social media. However, the declaration by China that they lost four soldiers, after a gap of eight months was a well-thought-out strategy.

In the late 50s, when China was struggling with the famine created by Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’. To distract Chinese citizens, propagandists created Comrade Lei Feng, a fake national hero, who was real. He was a lowly driver in the People’s Liberation Army. His diary was forged with nationalistic slogans and he was made to pose, reading party ideology under a lamp, in the studios. He was killed in a freak, falling pole accident so that the enigma of his greatness becomes everlasting.

February 2021 was once again one such occasion. The Chinese New Year was around the corner and China was going through food shortages. The shortages were so severe that Xi Jinping had to devise a ‘Clean Plate Campaign’ to deal with the crisis. The campaign was dubbed as “N-1”, a group of 10 people who can only order 9 dishes. The Chinese New Year was around the corner and CCP could not afford to have a public outrage on their plate. They desperately needed a distraction. English writer and compiler of English dictionary, Samuel Johnson had once said: “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Chinese leadership made use of this slogan by raising the feelings of patriotism and nationalism. Glorified martyrs were crafted out of PLA soldiers Chen Hongjun, Xiao Siyuan, Wang Zhuoran, and Chen Xiangrong. Their colourful posters with heavily worded slogans from their purported diaries were splashed across the country. The accidentally killed men looked more like philosophers than soldiers.

However, the house of cards came crashing down when Qiu Ziming, a former investigative journalist questioned the number of dead PLA soldiers on Twitter equivalent Weibo. He has 2.5 million followers and this exposé went viral, sending shockwaves through the ranks of CCP. In true communist style, Qiu and five others become the first few citizens to be prosecuted and sentenced under a new law that prohibited the defamation of Chinese heroes and martyrs. As per Qiu, the four dead soldiers were never part of the initial fight at the LAC. They had gone to retrieve the dead bodies and got killed. Therefore, he questioned the authorities that if these soldiers had gone to retrieve the dead bodies and got killed then how are the numbers restricted to four.

Qiu’s exposé once again confirmed Colonel Babu’s assessment that the troops at LAC on the night of 15 June 2020 were not the regular troops. Declaration of these soldiers’ death would have exposed the Chinese game plan. This would have impacted the sentiments of already demoralized serving PLA soldiers. Xi Jinping and CCP are not that much scared of the United States or the Chinese citizens, as much they are of a PLA coup or internal unrest. If PLA generals hurt by Xi’s cessation of their commercial activities, bruised PLA soldiers unhappy with Chinese misadventures, and the millions of disgruntled veterans who feel that they are ‘donkeys who to be slaughtered after they are too old to work a grindstone’, join hands, they would be a formidable force to stop.

In the ‘Journal of Third Military Medical University’, China’s most esteemed military psychologists Feng Zhengzhi, and Liu Xiao, bring out the fact that 29.7 percent of PLA soldiers have various kinds of adverse psychological conditions. How can a force dealing with such high numbers of psychological conditions fight future wars? No wonder some sources have confirmed that many survivors of the Galwan clash are seeking psychological treatment. And some soldiers have confessed that they can still hear 16 Bihar’s war cry and chasing steps when they try to sleep.


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A veteran of the Indian Navy, Cdr Sandeep Dhawan served in the Navy from 1988 to 2009. He was a Maritime Reconnaissance Pilot and a Flying Instructor. He is a geopolitical analyst and writes for the various online websites and organizations.


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B Raja

Jun 15, 2023
Exceptionally outstanding article which shall be valuable for both, academics and general readers. The Chinese suffer a collective psychological condition inside the various layers of curtains.

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Akshay Singhal

Feb 03, 2022
This article depicts the true valour and grit of Indian soldiers."Galwan ke Balwan" should become part of school books.

Shreepal Singh

Oct 24, 2021
A great article narrating step by step the whole truth of that confrontation. It is true that India of 21st century is not an India of 1962 and can not only stand to Chinese aggression but can also beat it. But one should admit that China is a great lier and propagandaist and that India stands nowhere in this art of China. In fact China is trying to deceive not only India but the whole world. The lesson one should draw is: Never believe China and its statements and postures; be always vigilent; and, strike hard (and at its naval point - CPC plans - if possible) to teach them a true lesson. This is the only way to expose the Chinese lies and deception.


Oct 19, 2021
An incisive article

Aditya Goel

Oct 15, 2021
The PLA is not as good as China would want the world to believe. This so called tough image of the PLA is very carefully crafted by the Chinese propaganda machinery. Tell me, if indeed the Chinese were so strong militarily than India, why have they still not 'taught India a lesson' and why are they only posturing for over a year and a half in the Himalayas, conditions for which their troops are very ill-equipped? India has called China's bluff and the CCP does not know how to respond this time. If they go back from the border, they become the laughing stock of the whole world, and if they attack India, well, we all know how that is going to turn out for the Chinese, won't we?

Marilee Wein

Oct 05, 2021
Wonder what the Chinese Leadership shall do, if ever they want the truth of something to be known.

Simon Templar

Jul 08, 2021
Great report on yet another incidence of blatant CCP aggression the ChiComs would rather the world at large knows nothing about. May the families of those brave Indian soldiers who gave, on that lonely outpost, their last full measure somehow find peace and understanding with the loss of their loved ones.


Jul 01, 2021
if indian soldiers even had some guess about what they are planning, the number might cross 500


Jun 18, 2021
We know our army and they have beaten the shit out of Chinese army. Jai Hind

Varun Tavaria

Jun 17, 2021
The whole story was very basic and normal as usual, Indian forces overwhelmed the opponents whic I am proud of. The last line specifically mentioned that survivors of Galwan still hear Bihar regimen warcry gave me high chills and goosebumps. I can't imagine that how strong must that have played upon mindset of fellow Chinese Soldiers severely affecting their morale. Salute to them.


Jun 17, 2021
Great article 👍 salute to the bravehearts, the BALWAN of Galwan, we will forever be indebted to their sacrifice for our motherland. JAI HIND 🇮🇳

Judithann Campbell

Jun 17, 2021
Thank you for this post! May the world never forget what these incredibly brave Indian soldiers did, and gave up, that day. May all of us follow their example in standing up to China.

M Thakur

Jun 16, 2021
Could get the whole jist well articulated


Jun 16, 2021
Very well articulated article. Keep it up.


Jun 16, 2021
Chinese thought, they could break the morale of Indian Army soldiers with such misadventure. Indian Armed Forces has slapped right in the face of the China and slapped at the point where it hurts them the most, this response will haunt them for rest of their life.

Cdr Jose

Jun 16, 2021
Very well written Sandeep! The Chinese long term plan and greed for territory is well known be it South China sea or land of neighbouring countries. The leaders of that country have assumed that their own people will continue to support them in all they do, best example being the upheavals like Tiananmen square and the recent Hong Kong protests! They are implanting/imposing their own religious leaders in areas where they can't suppress spiritualism and religious faith. China was known for its ancient wisdom of Taoism and Buddhism and teaching of Confucius. Time is not far when China's break up into different fragments. Keep writing Jose


Jun 16, 2021
I had never heard about this battle between Cinese and Indian army! Many thanks

MK Tyagi

Jun 16, 2021
A well articulated article. Wish author could put his prospective on Chinese deaths.

sanjeev nayyar

Jun 16, 2021
very timely and good article. It documents the sequence of events well, so imp in today's world. It also exposes the chinese double standards wrt their casualties. Enjoyed reading art thouroughly. thanks. India must never trust the Chinese or Pakis till they exist as nations in their current form. The Chinese play to a long term plan, wish to achieve their goals even if 3 years later and never forget. Savdhan India.

Joseph Mathew

Jun 16, 2021
A very well written article that has highlighted the treachery of the Chinese and the gallantry of the Indian Army. Biharis, Sikhs and the others in the sector reacted to the Chinese treachery aggressively and the conscript Chinese forces were found wanting. There is absolutely no doubt about the fighting capabilities of the Indian soldier and the same has been brought out very well in the article. It is also quite possible that the Chinese troops lack the aggression and raw courage required for a do or die situation of the kind they encountered in Galwan and that is unlikely to change as long as the military is dependent on conscription. Chinese military history has been a record of repeated failures, including the drubbing they got from the IA in 1967. We must however not get complacent based on this. Hand to hand combat, with clubs and sticks, is the most primitive form of combat and the most unlikely way to settle scores in any future war. The Chinese strategy revolves around winning without having to fire a shot. One part of this strategy calls for a military that appears so formidable that the opponent gives in without a fight. (This strategy seems to be working well in the South China Sea). The other half is the use of high technology. Chinese have been focused on exploiting advances in technology. The Chinese are in contention to become the world leaders in AI, have invested heavily in information technology, Space technology and disruptive technologies. If we get into a conflict with the Chinese their thrust will be on disruption of our communication networks, use of cyber warfare to create chaos in our command and control system to prevent coherent military action. The land forces would possibly be the last thing that they will use. It will be a very different war and we must invest to create a high tech military to take on such a threat. The next conflict with China is unlikely to be Army centric.

P.S. eudonym

Jun 16, 2021
I request Chanakya Forum to please add View count in articles. This article blew up! And how brilliantly described the the event and the supreme sacrifice of soldiers and the cowardice of PLA too.

Vatsal Bhatt

Jun 15, 2021
There is no match. Indian soldiers are bravest in the world and Chinese so called soldiers must be having nightmares regularly since the Hunter became hunted..

B Raja

Jun 15, 2021
"they can still hear 16 Bihar’s war cry and chasing steps when they try to sleep" बहुत खूब 🙏🏼


Jun 15, 2021
Thank you, Commander, for bringing us the full story! May we who love freedom never forget this valorous day.

Ramakrishnan Venkat

Jun 15, 2021
Sandeep... impressed with your analysis and interpretation of facts... keep up the good work 👍 hope the criminal justice system of the world punish the CCP...

Rajiv Gaur

Jun 15, 2021
An excellent write up by Sandeep. Everytime I read his articles my awareness level improves about the happening in the country's defense capabilities . Wish him success in all his future endeavors.

Air Cmde Harish Nayani

Jun 15, 2021
I had goosebumps as I read through this amazingly well researched article Sandy. My respect for Col Babu and the heroic Bihar Regt has grown manyfold. I have only one humble observation. At Para 3, you could have said "led by" vice "accompanied by".🙏

Raman Gupta

Jun 15, 2021
A well timed piece. Thanks to the tukde tukde gang's focus on undermining the GoI for COVID, these campaign have totally vanished from public memory. Thanks for the refresher.

Rajesh Dhawan

Jun 15, 2021
Very nicely described with screenplay of all events. Let everyone be proud of our forces.

Deovrat Pagay

Jun 15, 2021
India needs a proactive stance in strategy and leadership. Unconventional tactics of the Chinese should never come as a surprise after the “Hindi-Chini” Bhai Bhai debacle. The nation’s will matters. Now is the time to revamp our diplomatic and strategic issues. Salute to the brave martyrs.


Jun 15, 2021
A very well written article giving a sense of pride n hope. Catchy headline was a great work . Thanks Chanakya and Captain Dhawan for sharing this.

Krishna k Raja

Jun 15, 2021
Well researched and articulated post by capt Sandeep. The Galwan incident had indeed caught the international attention last year, and the valour of Indian army proved yet again despite all odds against them . Chinese army got a bloodied nose that they will remember for posterity and will not mess with IA with disdain.

Suman .

Jun 15, 2021
गलवान के योद्धाओं को नमन 🙏

Ashish Popli

Jun 15, 2021
Sandomina, right time to have this article. Public memory is short lived. Anniversary is a good time to reflect with better gravitas and more understanding. Good job.

Pratesh Gandhi

Jun 15, 2021
Another fantastic piece by Cdr Dhawan. The Galwan valley will forever echo the Bihar regiment war cry and our martyrs sacrifice will inspire generations to come. The Chinese proved to be the cowards that they are, and did not engage the gallant Indian army in the traditional way, thus enforcing the view that the PLA is made up of defunct street thugs who rather fight and run. Even their own govt refused to acknowledge their own casualties, what could be more piteous and contemptible. This will never be forgotten.


Jun 15, 2021
Excellent article. Highlights the very different Ethos that our Army has vis a vis the Chinese. The Chinese top brass miscalculated completely. Nowhere else along their entire border and in their area of influence except in the Himalayas are the Chinese being confronted if at all. Their sabre rattling and show of strength in the South China Seas and the occasional forays by the Americans is a lot of shadow boxing with no real intent to engage each other militarily. We have taken them on physically. The Chinese have suffered a loss of face. They can't be seen to back down nor can they stoke another major skirmish. They will bide their time. I'm sure our capabilities are being reinforced. I hope we undo a lot of harm that has been done with 5 decades long 'pacifist' attitude.

Subrata Bose

Jun 15, 2021
A well written researched account. Brings out the ethos of the Indian troops. The bravery of the soldiers and the operational commanders were never in doubt or lacking. What is needed is higher leadership and coherent planning. Not only to put an end to incidents like Dhoklam and Galwan valley but to get back what we lost in 1962.

Capt Pratap Mehta

Jun 15, 2021
Thanks Chanakya. Capt Dhawan, your blog on Gulwan is so full of great insights. I love your idea of adapting a catchy headline. The passion n motivation of our Jawans can't be underestimated. Nevertheless, Chinese strategy has been a sort of mystery. For them scores of PLA soldiers getting killed is no big deal. My question is what should be our proactive plan to deal with China both militarily n diplomatically?

Clarence Carvalho

Jun 15, 2021
Well written, brings out the threat facing us and need to be prepared to combat this hegemony.

M N Ravindranath

Jun 15, 2021
Excellent account of bravery by Indian army. Very vividly presented picture of what went on in Galwan Valley. Very well wetitten. Great going indeed!

Mohan Gopakumar

Jun 15, 2021
Another gripping write up from your pen Sandeep. A typical case of the Hunter being Hunted. Although we lost twenty valiant soldiers including a CO, India has sent a strong signal to both its Eastern and Western borders and to the rest of the world that “India has changed”. This incident will keep them guessing as to our potential and hopefully they will learn to lay off. A nice tribute to our valiant men.


Jun 15, 2021
The Indian Army has always been resilient & responsive. In India, it's the political masters who dictate the response. Such is the perversity of Command & Control even when facing an ongoing threat. This time the resolute response was orchestrated by local commanders and was eventually supported by the politico-bureaucratic setup. The results are for the world to see. The Army is like a fighter attempting a full reheat takeoff with brakes on (brakes applied by the South Block). Being soft with China is unequivocally admitting inability to respond to their belligerence.

Randeep Singh Sukka

Jun 15, 2021
factual report at its best.

Jai Deep Puri

Jun 15, 2021
Well researched and lucidly sequenced article. Author has narrated the happenings on the fateful day drawing references from authentic sources and scripted them together in a very readable piece of information. He has painstakingly explained the historical background of the conflict and how it unfolded into the galwan Valley events. Look forward to more informative articles from the author.


Jun 15, 2021
Great article indeed. This unfortunate incident did create a lot of turning point in the Indo-China relationship for good. How long we could have avoided eye contact with our biggest enemy. It's time we fight it rather than avoid it for our good.


Jun 15, 2021
Very well written article on one of the many such great valour shown by our soldiers.

Poonam Dave

Jun 15, 2021
Thank you Chanakya forum for this insightful article.  Respect and salute to our Galwan Heroes 🙏

Prithipal singh

Jun 15, 2021
Sharp gripping and hair raising almost feels real as if we are watching it live.Well written article which gives a sense of pride and hope.The author has done a splendid job painstakingly putting together the sequence of events that unfolded on the fateful night.The General public wanted to know as to what exactly happened and this article gives all the answers.Good job Sandeep👍🏼

Dheeraj Chaudhary

Jun 15, 2021
It gives immense feel of proud to me while reading this well narrated article. Bajrang Bali Ki Jai!! jai ma bharti jai hind

Amal Pal Bantra

Jun 15, 2021
As an Indian, never doubted the bravery and dedication of the Indians in uniform, but this article gives us the insight of the people who protect our borders and reaffirms our trust in the bravery, dedication and professional conduct of our people in uniforms. Jai Ho. 👌👌👍👍


Jun 15, 2021
The article is so well represented and really captures the proud moment of Chinese defeat at the hand of the brave Indian soldiers who put their lives on the line for the beloved nation. Their patriotism clearly knows no boundaries and we are really grateful of their big sacrifice for protecting the deceptively invaded country borders. They made the nation proud and victorious. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Jun 15, 2021
This is no doubt a well written piece, attending to most of the areas of importance. We as Indians have no doubt of our men & women in uniform, who sever the nation in most extreme of conditions 50°C to -50°C and we get to read articles written in newspapers on Sunday editions about improving working conditions can result in increased efficiency logic. To those columnist, who also has opinion on army's response to PLA, to them "Go figure out"! As for us I certainly think we shouldn't dwell or think too much on the perceived weekness of PLA, China's One child policy and its fall out or what CCP does or doesn't to motivate and honor their soldiers and citizens. It's no concern of our, yes we should keep a hawk eye on them at all times, as China or CCP is not yet finsihed. They will still come back, again roll the dice and keep testing our determination. As CCP doesn't values too much the lives of PLA soldiers or their Chinese citizen, we have a historical record of that. We need to keep our guards high, all Indians must back up our military and all their initiatives, support them and Show our support on every occassion that comes our way, as our men in uniform never ever asked for anything our of the world, often live and fight for the every inch of our motherland with whatever they have. They deserve all our respect and show of our support. So let's not be miser ! Also it's important to not pay much heed to all those defence analyst and unfortunately some Ex who inspite of working, commanding and enjoying their life in military, now doubt the intent and capabilities of the same men they commanded, they even don't mind the national security and the morale of the men facing the enemy at this very moment, standing eye to eye. Their journey high flying life in thier days of military were probably limited to palying glof and Scotch, occassional journey and stay to foreign countries in the name of studying in various prestigious military institutions. However all that they are left with is despair and now wants to hogg the limelight even if that means to caste doubts and demoralise the men they commanded and the many millions who love and respect their country and have unnerving faith in men and women in uniform. So comsodering the He's and the P's as the 'other side of the lovely institutions of Valour, Patriotism and Might' and a passing phase. They forget their much forgetful past when they served, some even were severely reprimanded by their chiefs for lackluster war efforts, hapless attitude which resulted in almost loosing many men and almost a war. So let's not dwell on such characters, just remember these faces, let's also not think on the faults and negatives of our adversaries, as they will also learn and improve upon their mistakes, the next time they venture upon our lands. We need to be prepared for all times, the best way that suits Us, take upon all initiatives that can secure Our nation and extend our unflinching support to those, who don't even know any of us yet are fighting in the most extreme, inhumane conditions with the most treacherous beasts day and night, in sun and shade, in snow or sand, with weapons or bare hand ! Jai Hind !! To all my brothers and sisters in uniform & my lovel country men

Ashish Talati

Jun 15, 2021
Share option is not working. I.e I am not able to share link of this article on whatsapp

Ashish Talati

Jun 15, 2021
very good article Jai Hind

kushal sagar

Jun 15, 2021
jai hind


Jun 15, 2021
I am not able to search a word in honour of our Indian Army. They lost lives for Bharat Mata.All of us are safe. Now we, all citizens must give salute and must give services honestly to the nation.


Jun 14, 2021
Sir, 🙏 To the martyrs. Our brave Jawans made sure that these PLA "Models" don't dare to "Catwalk" in our territory again.

Wg Cdr Girish Kumar ( Retd)

Jun 14, 2021
Well written and analysed paper. It’s one year since Galwan and the Dragon hasn’t had the courage to repeat such acts. It’s also a lesson learnt that Dragon can never be trusted to keep its word. Above all , Indian soldier has shown ,yet again, that when the time comes their grit and determination overcomes any odds. Indebted to the braves of Galwan. JaiHind


Jun 14, 2021
Thank you Bravehearts🙏🏽🙏🏽

Mayan Kalita

Jun 14, 2021
Every time we here such true stories, we can feel their love for the country, their courage & valour, and we are left speechless.. Oh !! मेरे देश के जवानों, तुम्हे कोटि कोटि प्रणाम..

Brij Panag

Jun 14, 2021
Excellent analysis Sandy

Karan Pandit

Jun 14, 2021
very well narrated. Understood the whole situation.

Vikram K

Jun 14, 2021
Excellent article. The PLA mostly comprises of soldiers born after the one-child policy was enforced in the late seventies and early eighties. It is only natural that their parents raised them to be spoilt brats given China’s astounding economic growth during the last 3 decades. These soldiers are ‘ young princelings’ who were raised without having to share resources with siblings, wait their turn to enjoy the good things in life, or even delay gratification. The lack of these attributes are antagonistic to qualities that make a good soldier-a sense of basic discipline, camaraderie, and patience. Moreover, these princelings are averse to hardship, pain, and self-sacrifice. The top PLA leadership is completely aware of this glaring lacuna in their military’s capabilities. Hence the focus on psychological warfare through social media and electronic media , asymmetric warfare- hacking and economic embargoes, and non-contact warfare-show of strength deployments etc. This strategy is great if your opponent is a small country. Not India. Indians know very well how to stare down a bully. The Chinese better understand this difference.

Ajay Bhat

Jun 14, 2021
Jai Hind, Vandae Matram 🇮🇳 Naman to our real heroes 🙏


Jun 14, 2021
The immortal saga of the Galwan warriors, The night of courage and valor. A very well thought out article with precise information and collective description of the back-stage actors. Jai Hind!

Vaibhav Singh

Jun 14, 2021
Indian armed forces are the best in the world. Galwan Valley is just a glimpse of Balwan(Strong) Indian armed forces. No country can match the valour, strength and commitment of Indian Soldiers. China, which cannot give proper farewell to their dead soldiers, and any country which cannot respect it's army personnel's martyrdom just for the sake of showing fake strength, can never create a Great powerful Army. Chinese soldiers must have been demoralised by this act of their government. And thanks for such a good write up on Galwan Clash.


Jun 14, 2021
a fantastic blow by blow account of the Valor displayed by 16 Bihar and Ghataks against PLA which shall echo into the future

Rajesh Singh

Jun 14, 2021
It's extremely nerve shivering incident that took place in Galwan valley which really make us feel proud to be Bhartiya and we own to our martyrs who sacrificed for our mother land while keeping pride at high. Vande matram, Jai hind..jai maa Bharti 🙏🏼


Jun 14, 2021
Jai Hind


Jun 14, 2021
Namaste sir, Here just to thank you for presensting all this.

Damastapur Krishnaiah

Jun 14, 2021
Yes. the valour of Indian tigers reverberated in Galwan Valley. The CCP bandwagons beat their drums and they never retreat the facts. They mulch the facts with treason and or patriotism.

vickeiy gupta

Jun 14, 2021
proud of our great army.... salute


Jun 14, 2021
need to work harder on app

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