• 19 April, 2024
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Unrest in PoK over Pakistan’s negligence

Thu, 29 Feb 2024   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

Gilgit-Baltistan [PoK], February 29 (ANI): There has been growing unrest in the regions of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir over Pakistan’s negligent attitude towards the region.
The Titri Note area in PoK recently witnessed massive protests, during which hundreds of people demanded to cross over the border to reach the Poonch district in India, to procure flour, claiming that Pakistan cannot provide them even essentials.
The exiled leader of United Kashmir People’s National Party, Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, on Wednesday, took to X and informed “people in POK marched towards the Titri Note Line of Control to cross over to the Indian side of Poonch city in search of flour and essential food items. Additionally, protesters locked down the Tetri Note Supply Depot”.
During these protests, a senior leader of the Jammu Kashmir National Awami Party underlined the condition of Pakistan and said that “they have nothing left with themselves, hence they will not solve any of our problems. They are bankrupt themselves and they are just making fake promises. They must now give flour to us, many people are waiting on Tetri Note, it is their mistake if they think, that we are satisfied. We know that why they have stopped our flour; it is because we raise our voices for our rights”.
He further stated that “the leaders here seem pretty much interested in politics, if they really care about politics and people then they better resign and sit with us in our protests. They enjoy several luxuries because of the money we pay as taxes.
It belongs to us instead of them. They sit within their luxuries and create confusion in their minds by saying that we protestors are only handful of people instead we are lakhs of people. They must now understand that we are not just a handful of people, our numbers are now in about lakhs.”
“We will continue our protests in a peaceful way, we will not harm anyone during our protests. We have reached here peacefully. How embarrassing is this, that the people are forced to take flour with help of chit system. They will not be able to solve our problem at all as leaders that represent us in the assembly. They try to divide us every time, meanwhile they enjoy all the amenities, the cars that they travel in are there because we pay our taxes. This protest is not the last protest, we will keep our peaceful protests alive and strong,” he added. (ANI)

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