• 14 April, 2024
Geopolitics & National Security

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Crystal Gazing the Future of Ukraine

The past two months have been unprecedented in world history. We were transformed into the era of the pre Cold War reminiscent of World War II, 1941-45. It seems mankind…

By Maj Gen (Dr) Rajan Kochhar (Retd)

The Cat is Out of the Bag: Biden Confirms US’ Real Objective in Ukraine

The cat is out of the bag, Dear Readers. That is if it were ever fully in the bag. At the very least, its head was never in; its eyes…

By Niraj Srivastava

The Ukrainian Conundrum – Who Wants War, At Any Cost?

I watch the unfolding drama, not unlikely to reach a tragic end, with considerable consternation and even more sadness.  By ‘tragic end’ I do not necessarily mean a big war…

By K P Fabian

Is War Between Russia and Ukraine Imminent?

Russian troop movements near Ukraine have drawn concern from Kyiv and the United States that it might be considering attacking its neighbour. Here is a look at some of the…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum

Moscow plans to have meeting of Russian, US interagency delegations: Antonov

Washington [US], July 13 (ANI/Sputnik): Russia plans to hold an interagency meeting with the United States at the level of deputy foreign ministers in the coming weeks, Russian Ambassador to…