• 23 February, 2024
Geopolitics & National Security

Red Corridor

The Drone Threat : A Progressive Fit Into The Sub-Conventional Threat Matrix

Sub-Conventional operations which form such an essential part of Hybrid War are never static by nature. Terrorists and insurgents find equipment and methodologies which transform the very nature of conflict.…

Ground Realities – Chhattisgarh Ambush

Ground Realities - Chhattisgarh Ambush The ambush by Naxals in Chhattisgarh on 3 April 2021 inflicting heavy casualty on police and CRPF party came as a big shock and caused…

Anti-Naxal Operations: Putting Heads Together

Anti-Naxal Operations - Putting Heads Together I am commencing this on a frank note. Failure in security related operations or intelligence, which involves out of proportion casualties, is never taken…