• 23 February, 2024
Geopolitics & National Security


Dhanyavaad: A Letter of Gratitude to India from Türkiye

Earthquake in Türkiye Türkiye and India have maintained friendly relations since establishing diplomatic ties in 1948. This historic relation was tested with the unfortunate occurrence of a devastating earthquake in…

By Sarmad Iqbal

Peace Talks on Ukraine: Russia’s Red Lines Unchanged

Russia and Ukraine are talking about a peace deal while their soldiers kill each other, but there has been no breakthrough and they remain far apart on the question of…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum

Ukrainian TV says Ukraine-Russia talks start in Turkey without handshake

LVIV, Ukraine (Reuters) - Talks between Ukraine and Russia began in Turkey on Tuesday without a handshake, Ukrainian television reported. "There was a cold welcome, no handshake," a Ukrainian reporter…

Women in Turkey protest against withdrawal from gender protection treaty

Istanbul [Turkey], July 2 (ANI): Thousands of people took to the street on Thursday to denounce Turkey's withdrawal from an international treaty designated to combat violence against women. Large scale…