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South Korea, US defense department establish cyber threats joint response and information sharing system

Thu, 05 Aug 2021   |  Reading Time: < 1 minute

Seoul [South Korea], August 5 (ANI/Global Economic): South Korea and the US have decided to strengthen cooperation to jointly respond to global cyber threats and establish various information-sharing systems, South Korea Defence Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Defense of Korea and the U.S. Department of Defense held the first ICT (Information Communication Technology) Cooperation Committee on the previous day.

Representatives from two countries, Han Hyun-soo, Deputy Minister for Planning and Coordination of the Ministry of Defense of Korea, and John Sherman, the U.S. Department of Defense’s Chief Information Officer, and other important officials in the defense ICT field attended the committee.

The two ministers have decided to discuss ways to jointly respond to global cyber threats and cooperate in establishing various command control (C4I) and information sharing systems ready to ‘Fight Tonight.’

In addition, the two sides agreed to strengthen the cooperation in various areas such as the weapons system to maintain a firm combined defense posture.

“The agreement stipulates that the ICT Cooperation Committee manages and adjusts defense ICT policy consultations between the two countries,” The Ministry of National Defense explained. “The two sides will hold the committee annually to continue to discuss ways to develop ICT.” (ANI/Global Economic)

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Aug 05, 2021
US seems to be a double head monster. one is directed by deep state of america pushing their policy and the 2nd head is completely govern by china. the head of state is peddling china's agenda in every part of the world by giving them enough space (afghanistan). the other half is bound by their policy n trying hard to implement it. sometimes both the interest clash and thats when we see the US getting confused. countries relying on america for security r doing a mistake

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