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Quad Summit will provide opportunity to review progress of grouping’s initiatives: PM Modi

Sun, 22 May 2022   |  Reading Time: < 1 minute

New Delhi, May 22 (PTI) The second in-person Quad Leaders’ Summit in Japan  will provide an opportunity for leaders of four countries to review the progress of the grouping’s initiatives and exchange views on developments in the Indo-Pacific as well as global issues of mutual interest, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday.

In his departure statement ahead of his visit to Japan from May 23-24, Modi said during his visit he will also hold a bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden, where they will discuss further consolidation of the multi-faceted bilateral relations. “We will also continue our dialogue on regional developments and contemporary global issues,” Modi said.

He said he will be visiting Tokyo at the invitation of his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida, and noted that in March 2022, he had hosted Kishida for the 14th India-Japan Annual Summit.  “During my visit to Tokyo, I look forward to continuing our conversation further, with an aim to strengthen the India-Japan Special Strategic and Global Partnership,” Modi said.

In Japan, Modi said, he will also participate in the second in-person Quad Leaders’ Summit, which will provide an opportunity for the leaders of the four Quad countries to review the progress of Quad initiatives.  “We will also exchange views about developments in the Indo-Pacific region and global issues of mutual interest,” Modi said. The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue comprises India, the US, Japan and Australia.

Modi also noted that the newly-elected Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will be joining the Quad Leaders’ Summit for the first time.  “I look forward to a bilateral meeting with him during which the multifaceted cooperation between India and Australia under the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, and regional and global issues of mutual interest will be discussed,” Modi said.

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Kalidan Singh

May 22, 2022
Please, let's not get delusional. We frequently do; we are prone to hubris. We can be members of anything; no one thinks of us as equals. The notion that US, Australia, and Japan - all developed economies, think of India as an equal partner, deserves skeptical analysis. Let's say we get all smug and happy with QUAD, the chance that any of these countries will intervene to stop and repel endless Chinese incursions into India, or place air and military bases in Indian territory (including Gilgit Baltistan) is easy to estimate: it is ZERO. What we will get from our partners in QUAD is good advise about the importance of talking to China; but we cannot expect arms, munitions, intelligence, access to satellite information, drones - or any such. These, we must develop ourselves via an uncorrupted, competitive domestic process (which currently does not exist). Sure, let's get into partnerships, but that does not mean - not at all - that they will solve any of our problems. What it guarantees is that we will help our richer partners solve their problems by bearing some of the costs.

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