• 01 July, 2022
Foreign Affairs. Geopolitics. National Security.
Prof Madhav Das Nalapat
Prof Madhav Das Nalapat

Professor Madhav Das Nalapat is Director, Department of Geopolitics & International Relations at Manipal University, India.

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President Biden, Please Transit from the 20th to the 21st Century

Known for his courtesy and integrity, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr spent his formative years in the US Senate during a period when relations between the Cold War 1.0 contending powers, the USSR and the US, were testy at best, and even close to a collision during some periods. After the 1939-45 World Wa

China Has Not Changed. The Rest of The World Must.

Unlike India, which barred most US researchers from entering the country during the Cold War, China from the 1980s welcomed them, gave many of them tenured and other assignments, and went along with a few of their suggestions that were regarded as not threatening the Chinese Communist Party's monopo

Decision Time Has Arrived For India

It was Regis Debray who wrote that "we are never contemporaneous with the present", and that the past intrudes and succeeds in diluting our understanding of the realities of the moment. This has long been witnessed in the Lutyens Zone, where policy prescriptions from a failed past get used over and