• 16 June, 2024
Foreign Affairs, Geopolitics & National Security
Maj Gen (Dr) S B Asthana (Retd)
Maj Gen (Dr) S B Asthana (Retd)

Maj Gen (Dr) SB Asthana SM, VSM, (Retd) has done his Ph.D. on China from JNU and has delivered talks in many Universities including Chinese. He has authored over 400 publications/articles/blogs on International & National issues for  Washington Post,  Modern Diplomacy (EU and Africa), Indo-Pacific Defence Forum (USA), Global Review (Germany) and other leading publications. Director Courses, USI of India, the oldest think tank of India, Maj Gen Asthana is on Governing Council of Confederation of Educational Excellence (CEE) and has been awarded for “International Diplomacy and Global Conflict Resolutions” by IOED twice, a Consultative body for ECOSOC and International Police Commission – IPC India.

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Cold War 2.0 : India – An Inescapable Bet For The USA

Backdrop India-U.S. "Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership" has become one of the most significant partnerships in the 21st Century in light of the ongoing ‘Cold War 2.0’ between the US and China. Although both countries maintain that the partnership is based on shared democratic values

Charm Offensive in Xi Jinping 3.0 Era: A Concern For Global Players

Backdrop When Joshua Kurlantzick coined the term ‘charm offensive’ for China in 2007, it simply referred to China’s use of soft power to improve its global status and image, as part of its peaceful rise. Many strategists named Mao Zedong’s era as China 1.0 and Deng Xiaoping’s era of ope