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Kenya shows interest in trading in national currency with India, wants to learn about UPI: MEA secretary

Tue, 05 Dec 2023   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

New Delhi [India], December 5 (ANI): Ministry of External Affairs Secretary (Economic Relations) Dammu Ravi on Tuesday said that Kenya showed interest in trading in national currency with India and the Kenyan authorities want to hold a meeting regarding it.
“This (national currency) is a big interest for Kenya. They have clearly expressed interest in learning from us. We want this collaboration between the two countries and linking this aspect with UPI and fintech solutions mentioned by the Prime Minister and how we successfully introduced it. We introduced it in many countries. They want to have a meeting with our authorities and we will be facilitating that with concerned ministries and departments,” Dammu Ravi said at a press conference.
He further added that in the direct and indirect tax area, Kenya wants to learn from India about the UPI, fintech solutions and the direct cash benefits that have helped bring efficiencies in governance, eliminating corruption and leakages.
Further underscoring Kenyan President William Samoei Ruto’s visit to India, MEA Secretary (ER) Dammu Ravi said that this is his first meeting post the G20 Summit.
“The visit is happening after Voice of Global South where Ruto participated…The Kenyan side expressed interest in learning from India in several areas, particularly in the fintech space, the UPI, and others,” he said.
Moreover, in the health space, Ravi said, “They have expressed interest in also having greater cooperation, particularly to have Indian specialist doctors visiting those countries. And in turn, they would like to also have a longer duration stay for their specialist and nurses medical doctors to come to India to learn from us.”
Responding to a question on Maritime cooperation between India and Kenya, Dammu Ravi stressed that there is a concern about the piracy and movement of ships and safety of the navigation lines, noting that there is a common interest between the two countries.
“In maritime cooperation, it is an ongoing activity between our two countries. There is a concern about the piracy and movement of ships and safety of the navigation lines , so there is common interest. Hydrographic surveys are also part of the cooperation and it is going on for sometime,” he said.
Earlier in the day, PM Modi and Kenyan President addressed a press briefing, where PM Modi said, “We discussed new global and regional issues. As countries connected to the Indian Ocean, maritime security, piracy and truck trafficking are matters of our common priority. To strengthen mutual cooperation in this important sector, India, Kenya to issue a joint vision statement on maritime cooperation.”
“We are issuing a joint vision statement on Maritime Cooperation today. The close cooperation between India and Kenya will boost all our efforts in the Indo-Pacific Region. India and Kenya agree that terrorism is the gravest challenge to humankind. In this regard, we have decided to enhance our mutual cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism,” he added. (ANI)


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