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ISIS-K’s deep involvement may worsen Afghanistan’s future

Tue, 31 Aug 2021   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

Kabul [Afghnaistan], August 31 (ANI): The catastrophic Daesh-K attack near Kabul airport that killed over 100 including 13 US troops and injured numerous has signalled severe difficulties for Afghanistan in near future.

The Kabul attack was a message to the US as well as the Taliban. Now, Al-Qaeda will probably operate more easily against the backdrop of ISIS-K terrorism. The attack also undermined the US argument that American troops were in Afghanistan to combat terrorism, Turkey’s Daily Sabah reported.

The US and the UK forces had made the assessment of a possible ISIS attack and speeded up the evacuations. But nothing could prevent the explosions.

Despite heavy criticism in the US and beyond over the troops’ departure that was plagued by problems, President Joe Biden had stressed that the recent bombing proved that the White House’s decision to leave Afghanistan is right.

Kabul blasts have also highlighted the multitude of challenges that Afghanistan would face soon. The difficulty is not just forming a new inclusive government with members of the previous administration and local groups but the harder challenge for the Taliban is to prevent the radical groups from carrying out attacks.

If ISIS continues to carry out bloody attacks, global attention may shift from the Taliban’s heavy-handed approach to public administration to Afghanistan’s terrorism problem. On the other hand, the Taliban may use ISIS as an excuse to adopt an exclusionist, harsh approach – which, obviously, would be a temporary solution, Daily Sabah added.

The attack has also shown that by conducting such terror activities, ISIS may soon plunge Afghanistan into a severe humanitarian crisis as the increasing attacks would challenge the Taliban from governing the country and maintaining security and stability.

The Taliban have asked Turkey for help to operate the airport. However, Ankara is still considering the proposal as they doubt the Taliban’s capacity to provide security.

According to Daily Sabah, Turkey has evacuated its service people from Kabul and now it’s considering the Taliban’s offer in its own interests under the new circumstances. In the end, Ankara will search for a safe way to assist the people of Afghanistan but fighting terrorism is obviously won’t be part of that mission. (ANI)

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