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India delivers three tons of medical assistance to Afghanistan

Sun, 30 Jan 2022   |  Reading Time: < 1 minute

As part of our ongoing humanitarian assistance, India supplied the fourth batch of medical assistance consisting of 3 tons of essential life saving medicines to Afghanistan. The same was handed over to the Indira Gandhi Hospital, Kabul.

India stands committed to continue our special relationship with the people of Afghanistan and provide humanitarian assistance. In this endeavour, we had already supplied three shipments of medical assistance, consisting of 500,000 doses of COVID vaccine and essential life saving medicines to Afghanistan. The same was handed over to the WHO and Indira Gandhi Children Hospital, Kabul.

In coming weeks, we would be supplying more batches of humanitarian assistance consisting of medicines and foodgrains for the people of Afghanistan.

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Kalidan Singh

Jan 30, 2022
I am glad we are doing this. This is our culture. However, no one in India should expect Afghanistan to remember this aid, and act grateful. Afghanistan's culture is tribal; if you are not part of their tribe (and India is not), then there is nothing. The history of Afghanistan is unleashing of unspeakable cruelty toward those outside their tribe, followed by unspeakable cruelty to those within their tribe (from strong people against weak people). I.e., they will harbor terrorists that intend us harm, support Pakistan, and prevent anything useful from happening in a snap. If we know this, and we are helping them, then that is a good thing. If we expect anything in return, we are foolish.

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