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IMF’s Chief Economist Gita Gopinath Lauds India’s Vaccine Policy and Efforts to Fight Covid 19

Wed, 10 Mar 2021   |  Reading Time: < 1 minute

During the inaugural lecture of Dr. Hansa Mehta Memorial Dialogue on Women’s Day, Gita Gopinath, IMF’s Chief Economist and the keynote speaker appreciated India’s effort with its coronavirus vaccine policies when asked by the permanent representative of UAE to the UN, Lana Nusseibeh, about the country’s efforts against the health crisis and what role it can play in global economic recovery.

“I also want to mention that India really stands out in terms of its vaccine policy. If you look at where exactly is one manufacturing hub for vaccines in the world – that will be India,” Ms Gopinath said during the interactive session. “You have the Serum Institute which produces the most number of vaccines on a regular year and because of this India has been at the forefront of fighting this pandemic,” she mentioned referring to the vaccine production capacity in India.

“It has been providing free vaccines to several of its neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar. It also has its commercial arrangements. It also is even with COVAX,” India’s Serum Institute is making a lot of those vaccine doses that are used for the delivery of vaccines across the world through the COVAX initiative, Gopinath added. She emphasized on how the country is also part of the COVAX mission of the World Health Organization (WHO) that aims to provide equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines to lower income countries.

“It’s been playing a very important role in helping the world in this crisis through its vaccination policies,” the IMF chief economist concluded.

The statement is a big boost to India’s efforts in fighting the pandemic and leading the efforts to enable other countries in vaccination efforts.


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