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“Give befitting reply to foreign conspirators through votes”: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

Sat, 30 Dec 2023   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

Dhaka [Bangladesh], December 30 (ANI): Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked the countrymen to give a “befitting reply” to all the “foreign conspiracies” who are working against the elections, the Dhaka Tribune reported on Saturday.
She also urged people to show the world that Bangladesh can hold ‘free, fair and neutral’ elections so that no one can play with Dhaka’s fate.
Addressing a rally in Tungipara upazila of Gopalganj, Hasina said, “The goal of the conspirators is that there will be no election in our country; here they will bring a third party…What can the third party do? They can’t do any development of the country. You had seen what they did in 2007.”
“We will take part in the January 7 election with our party’s electoral symbol, Boat. Go early to the polling centres to cast vote (for Boat) to show the world that we can hold the election in a free, fair and neutral manner,” she added.
PM Hasina, who is also the president of the Awami League, alleged that foreign conspiracies were being hatched to bring a third party to power to disrupt the January 7 election.
“We will give a befitting reply to the conspiracy through the election of January 7 so that no one else can play with the fate of the people of Bangladesh,” said the PM.
Notably, Hasina is also the party’s candidate for the Gopalganj-3 seat. “If we win the next election, we will bring him back to the country and bring him to justice, who is giving orders, staying in London.”
“They (BNP) do not consider people as people. Orders are being given from abroad to kill the country’s people. This is their character. They have understood that the people of the country are no longer with them,” she said.
Hasina added that no one other than Awami League can continue the development trend of the country as the BNP “don’t have the qualification.”
“BNP is a party of murderers and Jamaat is a party of war criminals… We will execute the verdict of the fugitive killers of the father of the nation. Those who have fled abroad will be brought back from abroad, no matter what the obstacles,” the Dhaka Tribune quoted her as saying.
“BNP leaders are killing people following orders of a murderer like Tareque…they will be brought under punishment,” she added. “My question is what is the benefit to those who are doing this?”. (ANI)

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