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China’s rise places India in central role at geopolitical stage: FS Shringla

Sat, 19 Jun 2021   |  Reading Time: 2 minutes

New Delhi [India], June 18 (ANI): The rise of China has placed India in a central role at the geopolitical stage, said Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla on Friday, adding that New Delhi had to confront a specific strategic challenge posed by the country’s largest neighbour.

Foreign Secretary made these remarks on the topic “India’s Foreign Policy in the Post-Covid World: New Vulnerabilities, New Opportunities” at the Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI).

Addressing the forum, Shringla said, “We also inhabit a world in which centers of diplomatic gravity are in very rapid transition. For the first time in centuries, Asia is beginning to drive the global economy. Politically, the bipolar order that prevailed during the Cold War gave way to a unipolar system following collapse of the USSR. A further transition is underway as this unipolar world order moves to a multipolar system.”

“The rise of China has also placed us in a central role at the geopolitical stage. It is our largest neighbor and one with which we share more than just a border and proximity. We have also had to confront a specific strategic challenge posed by China and its tactics on our shared border,” he added.

Talking about the other transpiring issues, the Foreign Secretary said that security challenges such as terrorism, climate change and biological and other non-traditional threats have emerged and continue to emerge.

“New technologies have created both new industries and new political currents. Non-traditional threats and new technologies have combined to form a whole new spectrum of sub-conventional security challenges,” he said.

Over India’s virtual diplomacy and its high-level engagements at multilateral levels, he said, “In recent months, the Prime Minister has participated in the G7 Summit; India-EU Leaders’ meeting; first Quad Summit; and Leaders’ Summit on Climate. These engagements have been accompanied by regular virtual and telephonic conversations with leaders of partner countries, including the US, Russia, UK and Japan.”

On the issue of climate, Shringla said, “Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. India is amongst the front rank of nations with climate ambition. Despite our development challenges, we have taken major initiatives in the areas of clean energy, energy efficiency, afforestation and bio-diversity.”

In conclusion, he reminded that India is playing a constructive role in the world order and is undertaking humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. (ANI)

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Ravi Kumar

Jun 19, 2021
Foreign affairs article on this website give us insight of different opinions,well written article.i am regular reader of articles on this platform.

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