• 05 December, 2022
Geopolitics & National Security.


A New Ensign And A New Carrier: Indian Navy’s Red Letter Day

‘Vikrānta (विक्रान्त)- “one who is courageous, bold, strong and victorious”,  a synonym for the Lion (Simha)’                                                                                                                                     -Mriga-Pakshi-Shastra 02 September 2022 has emerged as a singular date in the…

By Brig Arvind Dhananjayan (Retd)

Chinese carrier sails through waters near Okinawa, Japan says

By Kevin Buckland TOKYO (Reuters) - Eight Chinese naval vessels, including an aircraft carrier, passed between islands in Japan's southern Okinawa chain on Monday, Japan's defence ministry said in a…

U.S. aircraft carrier runs drills in Adriatic amid Russia-Ukraine tension

ABOARD THE USS HARRY S TRUMAN (Reuters) - The U.S. admiral leading the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier strike group wouldn't speculate on Wednesday about what comes next after exercises…