• 10 June, 2023
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US And The West Rearing Khalistani Snakes In Their Backyard

Wed, 29 Mar 2023   |  Reading Time: 4 minutes

The origins of the Khalistani movement can be traced back to the partition era. However, it gained prominence in the 70’s under the patronage of Zia-ul-Haq. At that time Zia was the golden eyed boy of the US and Western forces so they chose to turn a blind eye towards his support for the Khalistani terrorists. It would not be unreasonable to assume that the US and Western forces might have even tacitly supported and financed the movement on account of India’s proximity to the USSR. Nevertheless, the sequence of events in the 80’s and early 90’s starting from the death of Zia, followed by the breaking up of the Soviet Union and eventually the opening up of the Indian economy in the early 90’s forced the US and Western forces to rein in their tacit support for the movement on account of India’s huge economic potential which offered huge advantages to Western businesses and, at that juncture, the Khalistani movement would have ended up as a major hindrance to Western economic interests in India. This lack of support caused the Khalistani movement to fade away to quite some extent.

Post the opening up of the Indian economy and till the advent of the Narendra Modi led government in 2014, India, although an emerging and growing economic power, had always been subservient to Western interest and was susceptible to pressure from US and Western forces. The Modi government was the first since independence to start taking advantage of India’s economic might and started taking an independent stance on all international issues and its actions were, more often than not, without Western consent and often against Western interests. India’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine war or its purchases of oil from Russia and Iran are clear examples of its recalcitrance to Western pressures.

This defiant attitude from India has not gone down well with the US and Western powers who still believe in the, centuries old, Old World Order where lesser nations meekly succumbed to Western diktats. In the various decades since the 80’s, the ideal way for the West to pressurize India was by getting Pakistan to foment terrorism in Kashmir and in India as a whole. This would lead to India seeking Western support in curbing Pakistani activities on Indian soil and the net result was India toeing the Western line. However currently, with India fast emerging as a major economic and military power along with a moribund Pakistan, an intractable China with increasing imperialistic tendencies and a rapidly changing world order, the West has run out of options for curtailing India’s independent decision making abilities. So, suddenly we see the West casting aspersions on India’s ‘Human Rights Record’, its ‘Secular Fabric’, its ‘Growing Intolerance’ to anti-government activities etc. The revival of the Khalistani movement seems to be yet another arrow from the Western quiver of arrows. Suddenly, it’s all about democracy and freedom of speech and action. Of course, when such activities are directed against Western nations like the truckers’ strike in Canada, the US Capitol attack by supporters of Donald Trump etc., then such acts are considered anti-national and the respective governments don’t hesitate to use all resources at their disposal to quell such acts.

Nevertheless, despite their hypocritical double-standards, the US and the West seem to have learnt nothing from their past. They seem intent on repeating the same mistakes again and again. The terror groups that caused 9/11, the multiple bomb attacks in London in July 2005 etc., were all funded and supported by the US and the West in their endeavours to dominate the Soviet Block. Pakistan is another prime example of US and Western miscalculations. Now, it seems like the US and the West are busy reviving another Frankenstein’s monster in the form of the Khalistani movement.

Currently, in various Western cities, these radicals are allowed to perpetrate violent acts against Indian interests and, in the name of free speech, they are allowed to spew venomous hatred against India. Any action against these radicals is portrayed as an attempt by the Indian government to thwart democracy. However, the US and the West don’t seem to realize that they are tacitly creating mercenaries out of these radicals and mercenaries will attack anyone as long as they are paid for it. At this juncture, these violent acts and recriminations against Indian interests, suits the US and the Western plan to contain India’s recalcitrantly independent and India First policy. Nevertheless, they have asininely handed over to their enemies, an extremely powerful weapon with which to attack the very fabric of US and Western societies. These movements against India are obviously well funded by various entities from the West and elsewhere. In the real world there are no free lunches so, in the near future, these entities, in a quid pro quo gesture, will definitely require these Khalistan radicals to attack US and Western interests. On account of the negligently stupid policies of Western nations, these radicals are well entrenched in the US and Western societies and hence, are in an excellent position to strike at the heart of the US and Western countries at the behest of the enemies of such countries.

The rapid growth of radical Khalistani elements in Canada make it a prime candidate for a major attack in the near future. If the US and the West continue with their lackadaisical approach towards these Khalistani radicals, the next 9/11 in the US or any Western country will definitely have a Khalistani hand in it. When Hillary Clinton made the “rearing snakes in your backyard” comment to Pakistan, I don’t think she realized that the US and the West have been doing the same all along. If the US and the West, especially Canada and the UK don’t wake up soon and smell the coffee, it won’t be long before these pigeons come home to roost.


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