• 25 September, 2022
Foreign Affairs. Geopolitics. National Security.


A New Narrative for 1962

During the coming weeks, via its media, China is going to reiterate Beijing’s narrative of the 1962 border conflict with India. Already Zhang Xiaokang, the daughter of Gen Zhang Guohua,…

By Claude Arpi

Nancy Pelosi: Helen of Troy or Angel of Peace?

Many years hence, someone will look at a Nancy Pelosi sculpture in a museum and burst into poetry, like Christopher Marlowe did, “Was this the face that launched a thousand…

By TP Sreenivasan

Nancy Peloci’s Avoidable Visit to Taiwan: Fall Out

The controversial visit to Taiwan (2nd August 2022) by the US Speaker, House of Representatives, Nancy Peloci is over but has left some questions unanswered. Meanwhile, the visit’s fall out…

By Achal Malhotra

When Beijing Was Burning Xi was Playing Personal Games

A great fire destroyed Rome for six days in the summer of AD 64. Famous Roman historian of that time, Tacitus, recorded that 70 percent of the city was destroyed…

By Cdr Sandeep Dhawan (Retd)

The Pelosi Visit to Taiwan: Why All the Tension?

It happened all of a sudden. A visit to Taiwan by US Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was known to be on the cards around this time.…

By Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)

Double Standards with Chinese Characteristics

June 15 is a special day in the Middle Kingdom; it is the birthday of the Secretary General of the Communist Party of China. In 2020, probably wanting to please…

By Claude Arpi

Xi Jinping Sticks with COVID Stance Despite Anger, Economic Headwinds

By Yew Lun Tian and Tony Munroe BEIJING (Reuters) - For many leaders, mounting public anger and a rapidly worsening economic outlook would be cause for worry and a policy…

By PTI and Chanakya Forum

Stability and Succession in Tibet

In 2011, Xi Jinping, then Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China, stated that China should “govern the nation by governing the borders; govern the borders by first stabilizing Tibet;…

By Claude Arpi

China-EU Summit Amidst Russian Ukraine War

The EU-China summit on 1 April took place at a time of crisis in Europe due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This currently dominates European thinking deeply. They presently…

By Gurjit Singh

A War Like No Other

The current Russia-Ukraine war has no parallel in history. No country has ever invaded another country, which is in no position to deliver the outcome that the aggressor desires even…

By TP Sreenivasan

China-Russia Relations – Redefining World Order

The CPC (Communist Party of China) Politburo went into huddles on several occasions during the disintegration process of the Soviet Union from 1988 till its total dissolution in December 1991,…

By Debnath Shaw

The Ukraine Standoff and its Larger Global Impact

When Ukraine erupted as a geopolitical issue in 2014 there were competing international events and geopolitical stories which were moving parallelly in those times. As the narrative progressed the Russian…

By Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (Retd)