• 01 December, 2022
Geopolitics & National Security.

US Navy in South China Sea

‘Defence of Japan 2022’: Moment of Reckoning

Japan's annual ‘Defence of Japan’ (DOJ) 2022 was released in July. It appeared after the assassination of former PM Abe, a leading light of Japan's enhanced defence capabilities. The ruling…

By Gurjit Singh

ASEAN Attracts Strategic Interest

ASEAN Attracts Strategic Interest Gurjit Singh While attention is focused on the next Quad summit and the US-China rivalry, there is perceptible movement in strategic engagement in the Indo-Pacific particularly…

China threatening Peace in South China Sea says European Union

The European Union has blamed China for endangering peace in the South China Sea. The Union urged all parties to abide by a 2016 tribunal ruling which rejected most of…